• Recognise PCS Union at National Museums Liverpool Trading Cie
    Workplaces that recognise unions tends to have better levels of pay, happiness and do provide better services to their users. National Museums Liverpool is a public service and should not be exploiting its workers, many of them only earning just about the minimum wage. Many employees of the NML Trading company are local young people and they deserve as much respect as their colleagues employed directly by the museums. As NMLT is fully owned by the museums, museum bosses should not pretend they cannot act or ensure better standards. Yes there have been budget cuts for museums but surely union recognition would not cost a penny and if workers were getting the real Living Wage and decent hours of work, they would be spending their wages in the local economy and not having to consider claiming benefits.
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    Created by Clara Paillard Picture
  • Protect trade union secondments at Portsmouth City Council
    Portsmouth City Council is proposing to slash the funding for trade union secondments, funds which release trade union representatives from their day jobs in order to represent members, offer guidance and negotiate on behalf of all Council staff. Portsmouth City Council is legally obliged to pay trade union reps for the time they spend representing the workforce, but properly funded secondments simplify arranging time off and cover. By slashing secondment funding the Council will increase costs, create long delays in resolving workplace issues and expose themselves to legal challenges. The trade unions themselves have offered to negotiate with the Council and put forward their own suggestions for reducing costs but these were rejected. It is a false economy as by removing from the budget the relatively small costs of providing the secondments, the Council will increase its overall expenditure. They will be exposed to costly Employment Tribunal and personal injury claims which would otherwise have been prevented through the guidance and involvement of seconded representatives; statutory formal procedures will take longer to complete as the Council fails to find trade union stewards available to participate; collective agreements formed by employer and trade unions on behalf of the staff, which benefit both the Council and the employees, will not be reached as trade union representatives are unlikely to be easily released by their local manager to work on these or get their existing work covered in their absence. At a time of unprecedented job losses in the public sector the Council wants to remove the protection, reassurance and independent advice that Council staff receive from their trade unions. Portsmouth City Council is one of the largest employers in the city, it needs it seconded trade union representatives to function. By signing this petition you can show your support for the Portsmouth City Council staff and their elected trade union representatives and help us fight this politically motivated attack by the Council.
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    Created by Portsmouth City Council UNISON,UNITE,GMB
  • Keep our public loos!
    I'm sure many people reading this have been in a situation where they have needed a loo and there is nothing nearby. Also the health and hygiene implications of public having to go in the street. Let's get the government to listen and take action.
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    Created by Kelvyn Frost
  • Save Our 394 Glossop - Marple - Stepping Hill Hospital Bus
    The Monday to Friday service is to be withdrawn from 28th March 2014. The bus links the rural areas of Charlesworth and Chisworth to shops and doctors' surgeries and shops of Marple and Glossop and provides a link to railway stations at Glossop, Marple and Hazel Grove.The bus is a direct link from Marple and Hawk green to Stepping Hill Hospital.
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    Created by Stephen Slater
  • Do not remove the second fire engine from Oakham Fire Station
    If you are not aware, the decision has been made to remove the second fire engine and retained Firefighters from Oakham Fire Station on the 31/03/16. Removing the second fire engine and retained Firefighters from Oakham Fire Station will mean slower response times to emergencies, which will have a significant impact, putting life and property at greater risk in Rutland and surrounding areas. There is also a very high likelihood of the Heavy Rescue Unit (HRU) also crewed by Oakham retained Firefighters and used for incidents involving larger vehicles also being removed. You may be aware that Uppingham are now recruiting retained Firefighters…..! This is because they are under crewed and struggle to keep their fire engine “on the run” (available for calls). If the second fire engine at Oakham is removed, the fire engine at Uppingham in most cases will be the fire engine to cover Oakham when the first fire engine (Oakham’s first fire engine) is on a call. When Uppingham are not available it could be a fire engine from Melton or Leicester covering. We all understand that money has to be saved, but removing front line services in not the way. We all pay our council tax with a proportion of it going to Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Combined Fire Authority (check your council tax demand notice for details). We do not mind paying this as we all feel that if we are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident or a fire, with rapid response from the fire service hopefully the outcome will not be too severe. If the removal of the second fire engine goes ahead leaving a greatly reduced service, putting life and property at greater risk in Rutland and surrounding areas, do you think we will then be getting a discount in our council tax to reflect the change…? I doubt this very much, so we would be paying the same for a greatly reduced service. We cannot let this happen, we need to keep all the people of Rutland and surrounding areas as safe as possible and respond to emergencies as quick as possible. This will be your last chance to make your opinion count; I fear that if the second fire engine is removed there will be no chance of it returning. Please sign the petition.
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    Created by Steve Atterbury
  • Better mental health provision in the UK
    I lost my husband to mental health just before Christmas. This has ripped apart and devastated our family. As a family we were failed. We were given very little support and information. Basically left to cope on our own. More needs to be done. Mental illness can be a killer like cancer and heart disease but it has a very low profile and funding. This needs to change and it needs to change NOW! More and more people are suffering. Mental health wards are full yet run on minimal staff. Patient care is lacking and community follow up is so stretched that the support just isn't there. We need to change this for now and future generations. As a nation we need to do something. Stand together and fight for more help. Everyone knows someone affected. Please sign and support me in this campaign so we can hopefully change the lives of those suffering. Its what my husband would want us to do...he wasn't happy with the care he had.
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    Created by Cath Fletcher
  • I the undersigned wish to see the GP’s Surgery at Luddendenfoot maintained
    Whilst it’s great to live in such a beautiful part of the region, rural areas get a rough deal when it comes to services. I want to see the Doctors Surgery in Luddenden maintained to ensure those who depend on these services can continue to live in our area.
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    Created by Owen Gilroy
  • Animal Welfare Team Brighton and Hove
    Brighton and Hove receives an invaluable service from this department. Any reduction in its' services will lead to pain and misery for both animals and humans in the community. Charities such as the RSPCA cannot manage this workload alone!
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    Created by Chris Pickles