• Save Watford's Allotments
    Please consider carefully before closing any allotment in Britain. Other allotments in Britain are also in danger. Once gone they are gone forever. It is important to stress that allotments provide people from varied ethnic origins from all walks of life with exercise, vegetables, friendship, and good health. These are exactly the ingredients required to keep people out of hospital. We need more allotments, not less. There is constant pressure on these spaces and it's easy for the Council to push these proposals through. But once built on, this public land is gone forever. We have people from all ages and social backgrounds who take advantage of the allotments to grow their own food. Our allotments are a vital part of our community and we need to save them for future generations.
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  • Stop plans to incinerate rubbish in Cornwall
    There are alternative ways of dealing with our waste apart from land-fill. Incineration is an out of date method - an Aerobic digestor or composting would deal with food waste which forms a high percentage of household waste. . Cornwall Council are not trying to encourage separating easily biodegradable waste and have ignored a commissioned report by Eunomia Waste Experts, SITA is the waste giant Contractor who will make millions of pounds (rate payers money) over the next 30 years once they have erected their Incinerator. For more detail please Google St. Dennis Anti Incinerator Group.
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  • Remove Bee-Killing 'Pesticides' From Shops
    Many agricultural chemicals are harmful to insect pollinators and other wildlife, but people typically think those intended for use in the garden are safe. However, many of these products contain ingredients that are known to be toxic to bees and other beneficial insects, as well as important soil bacteria. Safe alternatives are available and there is no need to use poisons in your garden. We encourage you to create a 'Bee-Friendly Zone' in your garden, where pollinators can safely live and forage. See www.beefriendlyzone.org for more.
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  • Stop This Road To Nowhere
    We are local people, determined to prevent the environmentally disastrous white-elephant that is the “Bexhill-Hastings Link Road” from devastating one of Hastings’ and Bexhill’s most amazing natural treasures.We demand an affordable, sustainable transport system for our area, that improves the quality of all our lives without costing the earth.
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  • Save Highfield Park (HFP)
    I’ve been skating at Highfield Park for over ten years. It’s the only place that provides an outdoor space for families and young people to enjoy. We’ve raised funds that have enabled us to install skating facilities and floodlights so we can use the space in the winter. But now we have 13 years left on the lease. This makes it hard to apply for any other funding to improve the area – benefactors will only invest in something they see being around for the foreseeable future. Lease needs to be over 25 years for funding. It also makes us concerned that the next generation of families and young people won’t be able to enjoy the space that we have. If it wasn’t for the park there would be nowhere in the area for young people to go – we’d end up back on the streets or sitting indoors playing computer games. We already have the support of Councillors, Thompsons of Prudhoe, James Dolan and Bespoke Concrete. – who often helps with digging and putting in new facilities – but we need you to grant us our wish to extend the lease. Highfield Park is a great place for the family and if we continue investing in it then it could be even better. Please help us save Highfield!
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  • sos-save our setts
    We now know that the setts/ Yorkstone pavements, kerbs and gullies in Saturday market will be retained as part of the ERYC's revised scheme for Saturday Market. We have to be thankful that unlike so many councils in this country, ERYC listened to its residents and reacted appropriately. Beverley is a wonderful town and our campaign has shown it has some wonderful people living in it; a true community effort. Let's hope that with goodwill on all sides the future for the town as a whole, will be decided in the same co-operative spirit and will evolve into the vibrant, place we all want it to be, without losing sight of the things that made it "One of the most beautiful towns in England". Thanks to all of you! Adrian Stokes, Richard Armstrong, Barbara English
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  • Saving the Abbey Hotel, Tintern, Monmouthshire.
    * Aesthetic reasons- not to cramp the historic site of the Abbey itself. * Historic reasons - there has always been an hotel there for centuries. * Archaeological - the hotel is in the grounds of the historic Abbey complex. * Social and Economic - UK tourism began in this area and it continues to attract tourists from all over the world. The first part of Tintern they see is the Abbey and the hotel.
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  • Planning accountability
    Corruption in planning is rife, the system can be very biased. Currently there is no recourse to reports and advice that is clearly against the planning law, except by a very expensive legal route that the majority cannot afford.
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    A very big thank you to everyone who helped in our fight against Tesco. Now we need to fight Round 2!! This green lung, just to the east of Halstead High Street comprises woodland containing 9 Trees under Tree Preservation Orders and natural springs that provide a wetland environment for amphibians. There are also 16 WWII air raid shelters, 9 of which are listed: as a group this is a very rare thing. Braintree District Council plan to ‘regenerate’ the site, to build more roads, properties and shops and demolish all but one or two of the shelters. We want this land to be conserved for present and future generations, to be a green haven, a heritage site and something that the town can be proud of. Thank you again for your continued support - let's see if people power can win again!!! Eileen Penn Halstead 21st Century Group 'Preserving our past for the future' This is a large area of natural woodland, with several very mature trees, full of wildlife: deer, bats, owls, hedgehogs, squirrels, rabbits, newts, frogs etc. It is also home to one of the largest collection of Air Raid Shelters in the country, sixteen in total, which are of a huge historical importance. The many bats are also known to roost in them. These shelters were for the use of the mill workers (Courtaulds Mill was nearby) in Factory Lane East and the Mill Managers who lived in cottages in Vicarage Meadow. It would be lovely if this could all be retained for the people of Halstead and others to visit. All the mature trees could be retained and some of the grassy areas made into parkland, with the rest being maintained as a nature reserve.. Each air raid shelter could have an information board, with likely items from the war years on display. And the many deer and other animals could be allowed to continue roaming free. Alison shea
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  • Donald Trump: Hand back stolen land
    The independent documentary that was screened on BBC 2, "You've been Trumped" made the case that land belonging to the residents of Menie has been stolen by Donald Trump by way of forceably taking over land that does not legally belong to him. The documentary showed the bullying tactics that were used and that the local council, Grampian Police force and the Scottish Government allowed this to happen without any intervention. Nobody, regardless of how much money or influence they may have, should be allowed to forceably take over anybodies land or property.
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  • Save our Verges
    Bees and other insects rely heavily on our roadside verges for their food and habitat. There is very little meadow land left and the verges should be providing much needed food. I notice that the cutting goes as far back to the banks or hedges as far as possible, often twelve feet or more. I cannot see a reason for this. One cut in would be sufficient for any motorist to see the edge of the road. I have no doubt that it costs a considerable and unnecessary amount in council tax, not to mention the pollution entailed by the cutting machines.
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  • Stop lead poisoning our birds
    Lead is highly toxic. We have removed it from fuel, from paint, but it is still used for shooting in the UK. A single shotgun cartridge sprays up to 300 pieces of lead shot across the countryside where it is eaten by birds. It only takes a few pieces of lead shot to poison a bird, causing suffering and death for thousands of birds each year. Non-toxic alternatives are readily available, yet many UK shooters still choose lead. In 1983 a Royal Commission recommended phasing out lead shot, but that hasn’t happened and it is still poisoning our wildlife. More details can be found at: www.wwt.org.uk/stop-lead-poisoning-our-birds/ SIGN THE PETITION TO STOP THE USE OF LEAD SHOT.
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