• Community Based Regeneration for Irvine
    Communities, like Renton in West Dunbartonshire, have recreated themselves and regenerated their social, economic and physical environments through community-led development. We believe that the people of Irvine can do the same. We do not believe that the developments currently proposed by North Ayrshire Council and Irvine Bay Regeneration Company will achieve anything, other than to accelerate the decline of our town. They propose to destroy elements of our built heritage, compromise the setting of our historic Townhouse and slash the sports and leisure provision available to the people of the town and the West of Scotland (which will have significantly negative economic as well as health and social effects). We have a far better idea as to the actions which require to be taken. Irvine Action, a social enterprise based in the town, propose to help the community to develop its own development plan for the town. We wish the Scottish Government to review this plan in due course and, if acceptable, allocate resources to assist in its implementation.
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  • Immediately withdraw all pesticides linked with the collapse of UK bee colonies and ecosystems
    (1) BEES ARE VANISHING FAST! Over the past few years one in three bee colonies has gone from the UK, and worldwide there has been a massive drop in numbers. We could be heading towards a global disappearance of bees. The mass decline corresponds closely to the release of a group of insecticides called neonicotinoids: http://www.soilassociation.org/wildlife/bees?gclid=CNSJosP50LICFSTKtAodRwwAMQ (2) BEES ARE ESSENTIAL TO THE UK ECOSYSTEM AND FOOD SUPPLY. A UK without the buzzing of summer gardens and meadows is a terrible thought, but the idea of losing our most important pollinators is truly chilling. Without bees, fruit trees and many other flowering plants could no longer reproduce naturally and would die out. One in every three bites of food in the UK is the result of bee pollination. The loss of such an integral player in our natural cycles is likely to result in unpredictable and far-reaching negative repercussions, and may risk a total collapse of our native ecosystems and food supply. (2) STRONG EVIDENCE LINKS CERTAIN INSECTICIDES TO BEE DISAPPEARANCES. There is a growing body of scientific and anecdotal evidence linking neonicotinoid pesticides to Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder. This evidence has been deemed sufficiently potent by German, French and Italian Governments to ban the use of neonicotinoids, and for many pressure groups, including Friends of the Earth, to push for their worldwide suspension pending a satisfactory assessment of their impacts. For a highly watchable overview of the evidence check out: http://youtu.be/oVuFvxjBbig (3) WHILST OTHER EU GOVERNMENTS HAVE IMPOSED BANS IN RESPONSE TO THIS EVIDENCE, OURS HAS DISMISSED IT AS INCONCLUSIVE! Astonishingly, in a report last week DEFRA dismissed this body of evidence outright, stating that there would be no ban until 'unequivocal evidence' was presented that neonicotinoids WERE harmful to bees: http://www.fwi.co.uk/Articles/23/09/2012/135352/DEFRA-dismisses-study-linking-bee-deaths-to-pesticide.htm#.UGBH-hySw0I.facebook DEFRA's priorities are unnervingly back-to-front. It is plainly obvious that to dismiss ANY evidence, however small, which links an operational pesticide to the potential for the collapse of natural / agricultural systems is completely insane. DEFRA need to be made to realise that the people of the UK value bees and long-term environmental integrity above a minor economic / agricultural inconvenience, and that we demand their decision reversed with immediate effect. We also call for DEFRA to implement clear policy that ensures the burden-of-proof of the harmlessness of new pesticides to our native ecology rests upon the manufacturer prior to release, and not upon the public and independent bodies whilst they are already in use. The vital importance of these issues cannot be overstated. For more detailed information about this issue and for other things you can do to help, please check out: http://bees.pan-uk.org/what-can-you-do
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    Local people want to be able to communicate their negative response to the extra planes more easily. The way the trial requests the community to respond does not work with the way people live today. People are in and out of their homes, busy with their lives etc and most aren't even aware of the quiet times presently. If BAA has a low response to the time trials and there are more planes more of the time, we know then the community will regret they didn't say more and it will be too late to reverse.
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  • Save the Hervey Road Sports Field
    It is important to keep this site that has been used by and has been integral for the local community for many years. It has been a green space and been used since 1890 by the local community for various sports activities, including tennis, football, rugby, athletics, cricket, hockey, bowls, and even a rifle range.
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  • Coventry: Save Lyng Hall School Playing Fields
    Primary school places have increased significantly. Before too long these children will be at secondary school. In the spirit of the post Olympics let us preserve our children's right to access school playing fields that can accommodate them all.
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    The part of the High Street playing field Oldland Common adjacent to Victoria Road that South Gloucestershire Council intend to sale with the permission of the Secretary of State for the development of 13 dwellings. We, as rate - tax payers and the rightful owners, request that this land be officially designated an open space for all in perpetuity. In the memory of the late Sir Bernard Lovell, 31st August 1913 - 6th August 2012 who was born and lived in Oldland Common and never forgot its green spaces and in line with the Bitton Parish Local Plan. This application is yet to be approved and can be viewed at http://developments.southglos.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=dates&keyVal=M6MNCYOK05500 This field has been used for generations by the local people for recreational use and if sold would leave the children with no playing field and force them onto the streets.With your help we can stop it !! PLEASE SUPPORT THIS NATIONAL ISSUE.
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  • Community Playing Fields should be retained for the Local Community
    With Olympic/ Paralympic Spirit reaching fever pitch, and the Government & Sporting Bodies hoping to 'Inspire a Generation', the future of Sport & Community Recreation looks rosy... but what if there are too few facilities left for people to use? Over recent years Local Authorities across the country (including Birmingham) have all too often bowed to the financial pressure and sold or leased Community Recreation Space to private organisations. If this trend continues, there will be no Olympic Legacy and future generations will have no facilities to enjoy recreation and leisure/sport activities.
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    This area is vital to the local community. We have a shortage of sports pitches and community open space on the Western side of the town The Council should be putting the local community before profit.
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  • New affordable housing for Dorchester
    Local housing provision is in crisis, more should be done to put the housing needs of local people first. Successive councils have failed to do this and have encouraged developments that have served the local population poorly.
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  • Save our Police Stations
    Uxbridge Police Station is an Iconic and distinctive building in the Uxbridge Town Centre. It is very close to a busy transport hub, giving easy access to all parts of Hillingdon London and the city, Slough, Hounslow, Heathrow, etc. It is opposite to the Magistrates Court and close to the Civic Centre and busy shopping centre.
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  • Continue to Remember our War Heros
    The trees were planted after the end of the first and second world wars to commemorate the dead soldiers. Unfortunately some of the trees are diseased and the local council are going to remove them. They say they will not replace the trees. It is the centenary of the end of the first world war and therefore shows a lack of respect for the men lost from our town!
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  • Wadebridge to Padstow Camel trail Toilet closure.
    There is a NEED for this facility. This only highlights the councils need to sell off public amenities. We need to stop these changes and speak up for what is right.
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