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To: Brighton and Hove City Council

20mph speed limit for Preston Drove, Stanford Avenue, and Surrenden Road in Brighton

The Council's Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee met on 29/4/14 and the Traffic Regulation Orders (Speed Limiting Orders) for our three streets were passed without further debate.

This is excellent news and means that we now await implementation i.e. for the 20 mph signs to appear.

Thank you all for participating.

The decision list is on the council website at:

20mph speed limit for Preston Drove, Stanford Avenue, and Surrenden Road in Brighton

Please reconsider the decision NOT to reduce the speed limit on Preston Drove, Stanford Avenue, and Surrenden Road to 20mph.

Why is this important?

Hundreds of pedestrians have to cross these intimidating roads every day, many of them children attending a number of local schools, particularly Balfour Primary, Downs Infant and Junior, Dorothy Stringer, Varndean and The Montessori School.
There are also two parks adjacent to the roads (Blaker’s and Preston which are a popular choice for sports, recreation and walking), a busy local shopping area, homes for older people and several children’s nurseries.
We urge the city council to prioritise the needs of people for safer roads where they live, shop, work, play and go to school and reduce these traffic speeds as soon as possible.
Preston Drove and Stanford Avenue were excluded from the 20mph speed limit scheme on the basis that they are "key bus and taxi routes", but buses only use sections of those roads or are infrequently scheduled, so they are not key routes.
Surrenden Road is a wide dual carriageway in a residential area and the traffic presents a clear risk to children and adults. It has been the subject of a long term community campaign for road safety improvement.
There is overwhelming evidence that reduced traffic speed reduces casualties and mitigates the effects of road traffic collisions. Research shows that 20mph zones in London have reduced overall casualties by 42%, and the reduction was greatest for younger children. The study concluded that: “20 mph zones are effective measures for reducing road injuries and deaths.” 20 mph speed limits on these three roads would bring enormous benefit to the people using them. Speed reduction should be urgently applied.

Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom

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2017-02-09 15:19:35 +0000

Petition is successful with 750 signatures

2016-08-22 22:03:45 +0100

Petition is successful with 751 signatures

2014-09-23 11:54:38 +0100

20 mph consultations. Final phase reminder!
There are several 20 mph consultations outside our local area on the Council’s consultation portal at:
These include: Hangleton, Medina Terrace, Mile Oak, Ovingdean & Rottingdean, Saltdean, Woodingdean. The closing date is 6/10/14.
Slower traffic speeds encourage walking and cycling and reduce the danger posed to us all by motor vehicles. You may work or have children going to school in these areas. Please complete the surveys relevant to you.

2014-07-22 17:50:59 +0100

Petition is successful with 744 signatures

2014-07-13 18:39:12 +0100

Are you a resident of Hove Park? Several Hove streets were excluded from 20 mph limits and there has been a deputation to urge the Council to reconsider. Would you like to support the campaign? Contact [email protected] Background at:

2014-05-01 17:29:32 +0100

Petition is successful with 743 signatures

2014-05-01 12:30:34 +0100

The Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee met on 29/4/14 and the Speed Limiting Orders were passed without further debate. The decision list is at:
Ward Affected: Moulsecoomb & Bevendean; Patcham; Preston Park; South Portslade; Withdean
That, having taken account of all duly made representations and objections, the Environment Transport & Sustainability Committee approves as advertised the following orders:
• Brighton & Hove (Phase 2, Area 4) (20mph Speed Limit) Order 20** Amendment No. * (TRO-9b-2014) Preston Drove, Surrenden Road
(between Preston Drove and Braybon Avenue) and Stanford Avenue • Brighton & Hove (Phase 2, Area 5) (20mph Speed Limit) Order 20** Amendment No. * (TRO-9c-2014) Surrenden Road (between Braybon Avenue and Ditchling Road)"
Now we just await implementation.
There will be updates from time to time at:

2014-03-15 11:25:43 +0000

The Traffic Regulation Orders for 20 mph speed limits for Preston Drove, Surrenden Road and Stanford Avenue have been published. Support can be given until 8 April 2014. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill in a simple response form on the Council’s website at or email [email protected] The reference numbers are TRO-9b-2014 and TRO-9c-2014. You must give your full name and address. Tell the council that these roads are main routes to school. 20 mph speed limits mean greater safety and a better environment for healthy walking and cycling.

People without email or web access can also write to the Executive Director Environment, Development & Housing, Brighton & Hove City Council, Hove Town Hall, Room 323, Norton Road, Hove, BN3 3BQ, following the points above. Deadline 8th April 2014. Spread the word! Updates also at:

2014-03-06 09:09:04 +0000

Good news! At the council meeting on 4 March, it was agreed that Speed Limit Orders will be advertised for Preston Drove, Stanford Ave. and Surrenden Rd. See the decisions list at:$$$Decisions.doc.pdf We will need to support these SLOs once they are advertised. Surrenden Road will be divided and have two SLOs which is a slightly complicating factor. This was put forward by Cllr. Geoffrey Theobald so that people in his ward can vote for/against their own section.

2014-02-27 18:58:19 +0000

URGENT! Please lobby the councillors on the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee AS SOON A POSSIBLE (and it must be before their meeting on 4 March 2014 at 4 pm.) Ask them to support the recommendations in the “Brighton and Hove 20 mph phase 2” report, and particularly to support 20 mph speed limits on Preston Drove, Stanford Ave. and Surrenden Rd. The members are:
[email protected] (L)
[email protected] (L)
[email protected] (L)
[email protected] (C)
[email protected] (C)
[email protected] (C)
[email protected] (G)
[email protected] (G)
[email protected] (G)
[email protected] (G) (Chair)
See the latest post on

2014-02-20 18:10:33 +0000

The Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that a full page anti-20 mph advert which appeared in The Argus on 11/9/13 during Brighton and Hove's crucial 20 mph consultation breached the code on misleading advertising and substantiation on 11 counts. This is the second ruling from the ASA on misleading advertising in connection with 20mph. Details at:

2014-02-17 21:40:40 +0000

Neighbours in Patcham and Hollingbury are asking for people to support their petition to get some local streets included in the new 20 mph limits. Please sign for safer streets. They will take it to the next Environment, Transport and Sustainability meeting on 4 March. See:

2014-02-11 17:52:34 +0000

The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) proposals for 20 mph speed limits have been published on the Council website at at: where there is a response form. If you haven't already, please urgently support 20 mph speed reduction in TRO-3d-2014 (Preston area) and TRO-3e-2014 (Patcham area) and ask for Preston Drove, Stanford Avenue and Surrenden Road along its whole length to also have 20 mph speed limits. Deadline: 14 Feb 2014. This is the most essential and minimal course of action and will only take a couple of minutes! You can simply email [email protected] with the above text or respond via the council website. For more information see

2014-02-08 16:09:44 +0000

More information on the detail of the Traffic Regulation Orders: Don't forget the deadline is on 14 Feb 2014.

2014-02-05 15:28:07 +0000

Please respond to the Traffic Regulation Orders at: Please SUPPORT 20 mph speed reduction for TRO-3d-2014 but ask for Preston Drove, Stanford Avenue, and Surrenden Road to ALSO be included for speed reduction to 20 mph due to the many schools in the area and also the parks, shops etc. Please also check out the other TROs in the series, particularly e, f and k, and make sure you get your views taken into consideration! Deadline 14 Feb 2014.

2014-02-05 10:38:26 +0000

The petition of 742 signatures (some on paper) was presented to a full council meeting in Hove Town Hall on 30/1/14. The relevant section in the webcast is at 00:12:23 approx at
We are advised that the petition will now be referred to the next Environment, Transport and Sustainability meeting on 4/3/14.

2014-01-18 18:33:23 +0000

We're taking the petition to the next council meeting! We can still collect signatures up until 30/1/14! Please ask friends and family to sign on line or on paper if you haven't already. Signatures on paper forms can be returned to us up until the morning of Thur 30th Jan, but no later. You can contact me at [email protected]

2014-01-14 09:09:31 +0000

500 signatures reached

2014-01-03 17:57:15 +0000

We've topped 300 signatures, but we're aiming to get 1250, so please tell your neighbours and colleagues about this petition. It's back to school soon and a good time to gather support and signatures. Please email [email protected] if you are able to distribute flyers or collect more signatures on paper. We have a dedicated website for petition documents at: Please return any signed forms to us by 19th January 2014.

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