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To: Stagecoach Bus Company

8A Bus Route Under Threat in Kent! Petition

8A Bus Route Under Threat in Kent! Petition

Please don't make the proposed changes to the 8A bus route which runs between Canterbury and Westwood Cross

Why is this important?

The 8A is the only direct bus to Canterbury from the Beacon Road area and Kingsgate. If the route is changed it means anyone going to Canterbury would need to take two buses. In addition, it means residents like me would only have two buses an hour not the three at present. This would affect non-drivers, students, the elderly, shoppers and those with hospital appointments.

How it will be delivered

Petition now closed.

Thanet District

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Reasons for signing

  • Only bus available in ST Peters under changes will be Loop which is a good service but would mean going via Margate or Ramsgate which takes sometimes ages with the drivers 10 minute stops at Margate and Ramsgate harbour to get to Westwood Cross. . The no.9 runs only from Broadstairs HIgh Street and is an hourly service only. Surely the 8A and 8 are widely used and traffic in St Peters is no worse than anywhere else in Thanet . .
  • With out a car people living in kingsgate are left with out transport
  • The LOOP will be the only bus running to Broadstairs and they are so packed most of the day. From about half past 7 to 12 on a weekday you cannot even be guaranteed a seat. This is not okay


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