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To: Lindfield Rural Parish Council

A Footpath For Disabled Access to Walstead Cemetery West Side

Due to this campaign the Parish Council are now well aware of the public support for this footpath and will be reviewing their decision not to install a disabled access footpath.

A Footpath For Disabled Access to Walstead Cemetery West Side

Request that Lindfield Rural Parish Council reconsider their decision to reject a path which would provide disabled access from the top to the bottom end of Walstead Cemetery West Side.

Why is this important?

A footpath providing disabled access to the east side of Walstead Cemetery has been provided.
The west side of the cemetery has no footpath.
In late 2016 my father sadly passed away.Since then my family visits and tends his grave at Walstead Cemetery west side.
As with the majority of later plots this is at the bottom end of the cemetery and furthest from the parking area.
Two of our family have mobility issues. Due to the uneven nature and slope of the cemetery ground this requires the use of a wheelchair and a strong able bodied person to ferry us to my fathers grave and back up to the parking area. This can be nerve wracking as we look out for potholes which could cause a mishap for the person in the wheelchair or the person pushing the wheelchair.
It is difficult for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility to access grave sites and attend burial services.
In some cases people have had to remain at the top of the cemetery while a burial service is conducted.

A footpath for the west side of Walstead Cemetery would benefit wheelchair users and those with limited mobility both now and in the future.
A request was made to Lindfield Rural Parish Council to provide a similar path for the west side of the cemetery.
At their February 2018 council meeting this request was rejected and it was unanimously agreed that no footpath would be created.

Lindfield, Haywards Heath

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