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A Greener and Safer Edinburgh!

A Greener and Safer Edinburgh!

Edinburgh Council have committed to 42% carbon reduction by 2020 in the Sustainable Energy Action Plan( SEAP). They have made some positive steps but they need to do more in these key areas:

DIVESTMENT LOTHIAN PENSION FUND. No new investment in fossil fuels and disinvestment from all existing fossil fuel investments by 2020.

COMMUNITY ENERGY Implement a target of 10 MW of Community Energy by 2020 (roughly five times current capacity) as part of the new renewables policy in the Sustainable Energy Action Plan. Support new community schemes financially and procedurally.

AIR POLLUTION Allocate 10% of the Transport Budget on measures to encourage walking, and 10% to cycling. Establish a Low Emission Zone in Edinburgh to improve air quality.

Why is this important?

Over 2500 deaths in Scotland each year are caused by air pollution [1]. An increase in funding for walking and cycling will make it safer for everybody in the city!

The £173 million invested in fossil fuels in Edinburgh need to be invested in projects that benefit our local communities, from solar to other renewable energies. Fossil fuel companies are responsible for major human rights violations.

In 2010, BP’s deepwater Horizon oil spill, caused devastating pollution in the gulf of Mexico [2].

There is a real need to decentralise energy and to create new heat networks across the city, breaking down monopolies and bringing more efficient energy to local areas.

Sign this petition to support Friends of the Earth Edinburgh manifesto for a greener and safer city.




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