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To: Transport Scotland

A937/A90 Junction Campaign

A937/A90 Junction Campaign

Install a grade separated Junction at Laurencekirk

Why is this important?

The campaign began in 2004 following a fatal accident, in total four people lost their lives at this junction in three years. We now have a situation of heavy congestion, growing volume of traffic and the junction simply cannot cope, the frustration to drivers is causing unnecessary risk taking and daily near misses, it is a miracle that no one has died since 2004, but the potential risk is huge and it will happen unless something is done, it is a ridiculous situation and a flyover is the only suitable solution

How it will be delivered

Email the signatures to transport minister

Laurencekirk, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I regularly visit relatives in Laurencekirk. I have driven in the Australian outback, on multi-lane motorways and in major cities, but I find this junction TERRIFYING!
  • I signed as something has to change... soon! Business, travel and safety is affected daily...
  • I hate this junction!


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