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To: The Rt Hon. Patrick McLoughlin MP, Secretary of State for Transport<[email protected]>

Abolish the High Speed Two (HS2) Train Infrastructure Project

Abolish the High Speed Two (HS2) Train Infrastructure Project

Please write to The Rt Hon. Patrick McLoughlin MP, Secretary of State for Transport, saying in your own words that the government hasn't yet made a convincing case for HS2.
He should please request an objective review by the National Audit Office (NAO), which scrutinizes public spending for Parliament, and is independent of Government.
Also write to your MP to vote "no" for HS2 bill in the Third Reading on March 23rd in the House of Commons.

Why is this important?

If all the blighted people along the route of HS2 were to be compensated at all, the already huge budget would double.
For miles around the many construction zones which will last well over a decade in each area along the line, people will suffer various illnesses due to constant 24/7 noise, vibration, air pollution, electromagnetic vibration, vermin, subsidence, flooding, traffic gridlock, and so on.
If they wish to move, because of the blight, they cannot.
The HS2 doesn't integrate into the present transport network either. And highspeed trains only run in straight lines, while all over England they will have to slow down around so many existing urban and rural curves.
Lastly, it will never make the investment back. It will only put Britain into more debt.

Reasons for signing

  • HS2 is a profligate vanity project that the UK can't afford
  • We do not need this. billions of pounds will be wasted on ruining the countryside to accommodate this ridiculous and unnecessary train. Priorities must come first - this isn't one of them.
  • Billions will be spent on destroying the environment including ancient woodlands and precious farmland and countryside. We actually need the money to go into improving the existing rail infrastructure which is desperately needed but won't happen if hs2 is built.


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Read this and do the poll in the article.

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