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Abolish the secrecy in the family courts and remove the gagging orders

Abolish the secrecy in the family courts and remove the gagging orders

The sad fact is that social workers snatch babies at birth for "risk of emotional abuse" from hundreds of UK mothers who have not committed any crime! Worse still, those mothers are forbidden to go to the media to protest and threatened with jail if they do! All subsequent court proceedings leading to "forced adoption" are secret with jail for anybody rash enough to tell the public who appeared, what they said, or what was decided and why, in our so called "family courts"!

We, the undersigned are petitioning for the secrecy of the family courts to be opened and campaigning for the ‘Gagging Orders’ to be removed from parents who have had their children illegally removed by the state and social services. Gagging orders are all too often placed on parents by a secret family court system to prevent them from talking about their story. This must be lifted immediately.

Return our children who have been stolen under false pretenses. The damage done to them is a serious violation of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child and cannot be undone.

1. We request all children who were taken because of risk ‘emotional harm be returned immediately to their biological parents. The separation from their natural parents and relatives by far exceeds any emotional harm claimed by Social Services.

2. We request all children who were taken because of the ‘risk of future emotional harm be returned immediately to their biological parents.. This figment of legal imagination is used in secret family courts, but cannot stand up before a jury of people with common sense.

3. We request the return of all children who were taken at birth and thus denied their right for breast feeding. A precedent judgement by the current President of the Family Courts keeps being ignored. 4. We request the return of all foreign national children. 30 embassies have expressed concerns about UK Law:

We request that all children taken by the state based solely of Risk be immediately returned to their biological parents. Removing a child/ren based on Risk alone is nothing more than child abuse within itself This is clearly Punishment Without Crime upon the parents and the child/ren.

SCOTUK - One Voice for the Kids

Why is this important?

We need 100,000 to get us in to Parliament. When we reach this target, they have to discuss it in Parliament.

How it will be delivered

SCOTUK - One Voice for the Kids are currently organizing a protest at 10, Downing St, London between 19th - 26th July 2014.

We have just under a year to achieve our target of reaching 100,000 signatures to get our debate in Parliament.

We are already arranging the date for us again to get into 10, Downing St to hand deliver our petition. This will be done during or at the end of the planned protest in 2014.

United Kingdom

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I disagree with ss and there forced adoptions it's more harm to a child to take them away than help they put kids in care if you disabled or had allergations or just a they believe point of view just like nazis and I will not stop until these criminals are stopped and brought to justice feel free to contact me by email so we can share stories and hopefully further this much needed campaign the world has enough evil without every parent living in fear of the ss
  • My dear friend is currently on the run as these secret family courts wanted to remove her boys from her care and place them directly in harms way and the police are gagging everyone telling the truth
  • l signed because it happened to me. Social Services snatched & force-adopted my 3 sons 15 years ago (2 at birth) using the excuse "Possible Future Emotional Harm" when there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with my children OR my care for them. And now Social Services are currently trying to build another case against me (built on the sw's lies) because they want my 2 year old daughter as well. It is soul destroying, l dont know how they sleep at night.


2014-02-08 02:10:56 +0000

Thank you everyone that has taken the time to sign this petition. Our current total of signatures is 1,205 which is far from our target of 100,000 signatures. We can still achieve our target but I will need every single one of you that has signed this petition to help. If we can all share this petition with your family, friends, and all of your contacts then we can do this. Lets just say if a 1,000 of us set out to get 100 people each to sign this petition then we reach our target of 100,000 signatures. W e have 1,205 signatures so that means we each one of us don't need to get the full 100 signatures but the more signatures each of us gets and if the signees also start sharing and getting signatures again the the amount of signatures we all need to get drops so come on folks, lets do this and achieve our target for the Stolen Children of the UK. Please share this petition far and wide, encourage people to sign and to share this petition. Thank You

2013-12-16 19:14:42 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

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500 signatures reached

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Thank you to everyone that has signed and shared this petition. We currently have 390 signatures, for the time the petition has been online we have done well. Please keep sharing and enticing other people to sign this petition because we still have a long way to go to reach our target of 100,000 signatures. We still have just under a year to reach our target and a printable copy of this petition is available for download from our SCOTUK group A printed copy of this petition is also available by post for anyone who wants to collect signatures in their local area, then please contact me on Facebook - Scotuk Jenkins

2013-08-13 00:06:33 +0100

101 Signatures on the first day of this petition going online. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to sign and share this petition. If the 101 people that signed this petition today all set a target for today to each share this petition and each get 5 signatures each.Nothing will ever change in the system unless we force that change and getting 100,000 signatures over the next year will get this debated in Parliament and a possible change to the Secrecy of the Family Courts and the Gagging Orders.
David Paul Jenkins
SCOTUK - One Voice for the Kids

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100 signatures reached

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This petition was created today 12th August 2013. Currently we have already reached 84 signatures and should reach our first 100 signatures on it's first day of going online. We have a year to reach our target of 100,000 signatures to secure our debate in Parliament and a possible change to the secrecy of the family courts and the gagging of the parents. This petition will also be made available in pdf format for download so if you have a printer you can download and print off the petition and canvass your local areas for signatures. Printed copies will also be available by post. All we ask is you pay the postage and make a small donation to the campaign to cover the admin cost of printing. If everyone does their bit then the 100,000 signatures we need can be achieved.
David Paul Jenkins
SCOTUK - One Voice for the Kids

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