To: Prime Minister

Access For All

Access For All

Changing the Equality Act 2010 to bring in a better law that protects disabled rights and get rid of discrimination in the UK. We should be able to get into anywhere we need to. As I found out on my research since 2010, there has been no change. As disabled people, we are still treated as second class citizen. I'm asking Theresa May to bring out a new law, a new legislation. All buildings should have access for wheelchairs and also physical and learning disabilities.

Why is this important?

This is important that no where should have a barrier. No where should a disabled person go and have no access. We are equal citizens, we just have extra difficulties. I am asking the government to change the law for good to bring in a law that replaces all laws that gone before it. It is important because I am disabled myself. In my research I have gone to over 60 shops that is not accessible in my local town. And that is not scratching the service. So please, change the law. I'm asking my government to change the law for good to help disabled people to stop being turned away from where they want to go and shop, eat, work, holiday and change it for the UK. Theresa May, I'm asking you directly> Disability rights need to be changed for the rest of us so we are not left in the dark and not forgotten about and that starts making everywhere accessible by listed or non-listed


Reasons for signing

  • Everyone should be able to go where they wish and be treated with respect.
  • Remove barriers
  • It's 2018 what's really going on here ,disabled and the poor have no say or choice in this capitalist country


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