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Alternative Access to The Proposed Development on the Old Water Treatment Site

Alternative Access to The Proposed Development on the Old Water Treatment Site

The Oakenshaw Residents' Association and local residents/road users, whilst not opposed to the development of the site itself, request that Keyland Developments find an alternative access route to the proposed development on the Former North Bierley Water Treatment Works. The preferred access is unsuitable for the village as Bradford Road/Cleckheaton Road is already over congested at peak times and the increase in traffic would have a major impact on the junction with Chain Bar roundabout, which has no traffic controls. Also the safety of local residents and the danger to Woodlands CofE Primary School is a major concern.

Why is this important?

The people of Woodlands and Oakenshaw are not against the development of the Former Water Treatment Works at North Bierley, but we are adamantly against the proposed Access and Egress through Oakenshaw Village, Bradford/Cleckheaton Road via Mill Carr Hill Road and Cliff Hollins Lane.

How it will be delivered

We plan to deliver this petition next Thursday to Kirklees Council, so there isn't a lot of time .
Please sign and help us keep our village safe.

Oakenshaw, Bradford

Reasons for signing

  • Already dangerous roads. Safety of our children and families are a big concern to all, this should also be a concern to the Council. Pollution levels have already been identified at St Andrews church at 40.88µg/m3 nitrogen dioxide where the legal limit is 40µg/m3. (google this Greenpeace survey) There seems to be a lot of things with this development that are getting swept under the carpet. Area flooding, contamination and Gas pipe line
  • i grew up here ,my family still live here. the proposed access was never intended for the current amount of traffic, therefore to create further traffic is ridiculous and more accidents will happen. But then i dont suppose the developers will care as long as its not their family.
  • I access chain bar everyday for work and it’s already a busy congested area ... there are always accidents and problems there and we don’t need anymore congestion in this area !


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