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To: The Welsh Government

Act Now: we need an Autism Act for Wales

Act Now: we need an Autism Act for Wales

We call upon the Welsh Government to introduce an Autism Act for Wales to:

- ensure that children and adults with autism in Wales can get a timely diagnosis

- improve understanding of autism among key professionals

- introduce duties so that all local authorities and health boards take action to ensure children and adults with autism get the support they need.

Why is this important?

Wales has had an autism strategy since 2008 and much has been achieved. But we think that people with autism in Wales deserve more.

Six years on, children and adults with autism still struggle to get a diagnosis and patchy support means life for many families remains a daily struggle.

The Welsh Government have stopped giving ring-fenced funding to local authorities to deliver the autism strategy.

Autism seems to be slipping down the Welsh Government’s agenda. An Autism Act would make it a top priority once again.

Sign our petition to support our campaign, Act Now: An Autism Act for Wales.

Reasons for signing

  • Please sign and support x
  • Such a good cause
  • Got diagnosed at 53. Far too long to wait.


2017-06-26 11:47:11 +0100

Campaign update June 2017

The National Assembly has voted to support the Autism Bill.

Our Act Now campaign has reached a significant milestone: the National Assembly for Wales has voted in favour of autism legislation.

The Bill is being taken forward by Assembly Member Paul Davies. It was debated on the 15 June in the Assembly. Assembly Members (AMs) agreed with us and the calls of our Act Now campaign, that specific autism legislation is needed to better support autistic people and their families in Wales.

Read more here:

2016-10-15 09:12:47 +0100

5,000 signatures reached