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To: Cardiff County Council

Action on To Let signs in Cathays/Plasnewydd Cardiff

Action on To Let signs in Cathays/Plasnewydd Cardiff

We support steps to control the spread of "To Let" signs in Cathays and Plasnewydd. We believe these signs blight Cathays and Plasnewydd due to their numbers and unsightliness. They become a form of constant advertising for Estate Agents rather than being used to advertise individual properties for let and raise the risk of burglaries. They also undermine the sense of community in Cathays and Plasnewydd."

Why is this important?

Cathays and Plasnewydd are blighted by "to let" signs - they blight our area and help to make our streets look untidy. They can also be used by burglars to target student houses. All too often they remain up for months, even years, and become a form of advertising for Letting Agencies.


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Reasons for signing

  • Limit the time signs can be displayed then fine the agents if not removed, make it a planning requirement
  • It is free advertising for the letting agency and makes the community look unloved. It should be stopped.
  • I am a professional (NOT a student) living in Cathays. I rent - I am a long term tennant. That stupid sign is up on my house all year round and I have told the letting agency I have NO INTENTION of moving in the next 5 years. The wind blows the sign down, they put it back up. I don't want this on my house!


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