To: Admiral Group PLC

Admiral - Stop Punishing Victims of Crime

Admiral - Stop Punishing Victims of Crime

Stop hiking premiums for victims of crimes and other non-fault drivers. Innocent people who have already been the victims of crimes or mistakes by others should not be made to pay extra for their own misfortune.

Why is this important?

Last year, I became a victim of crime on our roads. Another driver drove into my car, threatened me with violence, attempted to get into my vehicle, and refused to provide his insurance details. I ended up having to attend the police station, make a statement, and ultimately go to court.

Admiral didn't handle the claim (it was handled by my previous insurer), so they didn't have to spend a penny or lift a finger - yet they still felt they were entitled to increase my premium by over £150 as a result of me having been a victim of this crime.

The criminal, upon conviction, was fined just £100.

Can it ever be justifiable to punish an innocent victim more heavily than the perpetrator of the crime?

Admiral think so. They justify their actions by saying that "statistics" show that people who make non-fault claims are more likely to go on to make fault claims.

Just like "statistics" show that men cause more accidents than women -- but insurance companies have been banned from discriminating on grounds of gender, because it is fundamentally wrong to discriminate against any individual on the basis of a group that they belong to.

That's why we don't tolerate racism in our society, or sexism, or any other form of discrimination that seeks to judge individuals by categories they belong to, and that's what makes Admiral's discrimination against victims of crime every bit as vile and morally repugnant.

We need to stand up to these insurance companies and demand that innocent parties are never punished with increased premiums.