To: Redbridge Council

STOP Aldborough Hatch Gravel Extraction #EnoughisEnough

STOP Aldborough Hatch Gravel Extraction #EnoughisEnough

Redbridge Council has voted to for ten more years of gravel works in Aldborough Hatch, even though the area has already suffered from 50+ years of gravel.

The new gravel works will be within 25 -75 meters of the local schools and St Peters Church, which is Grade 2 listed with no foundations likely to suffer collapse under these plans.

PLEASE STOP ALL WORKS! They have dug up every single field in the Aldborough Hatch area and this is the last one! The council will make £6 million profit from the works but the residents will face yet more environmental health and social damage in our community.

Why is this important?

Redbridge Council voted in favour of Lafarge/ Brett Tarmac, voting 6 to 5 to add another 10 years of gravel extraction, but this time at the very doorsteps of the community!

We would like:

1.) All Gravel works in Area E to be stopped to protect the community of Aldborough Hatch, its schools, elderly and sick people not to be exposed to this health risk within 25 meters of peoples homes and 100m from schools and local mosques, churches, and worship centres.

2.) A proper investigation and transparent inquiry into misconducted at the Planning Committee meeting on June 29th by Councillor Paul Merry and other Council members.

3.) An up-to-date Health and Environmental Assessment to be done, instead of using the one from 2011 to dismiss health and environmental risks in this area that will come from the Gravel work being 75-100 metres from homes and historical buildings.

4.) Proof of Redbridge Council’s fulfilling its duty in holding Brett Tarmac account for any misconduct and insufficient measures they take gravel sites already. Plus a stricter policy that will guarantee that Area E will be held to a higher standard in order to protect the area and people. Having a member of the Aldborough Hatch Defence Associate checking the roads every day, and having to ring them to clean up the dust dirt and spray on the roads, is unacceptable.

5) A guarantee that toxic land made from a previous gravel site, which was filled with rubbish, will be monitored and make absolutely sure that any ammonia or methane leakage will be dealt with immediately.

I was horrified to hear the chairman tell us that the Planning Committee did not have time to allow two minutes for speakers because of his ‘busy schedule’ and his wish ‘not to be there all night’. However, he did allow an extra advocate of Lafarge / Brett Tarmac to speak in favour of the plans, breaking the speaker guidelines of who was allowed to speak.

This was a done deal before we walked in the door and it is a horrific mistake that will cost the NHS millions in local cases of breathing problems and cancer rates. Local schools and nurseries will either have to close their doors for safety reasons or allow children to become only 20-75 meters from gravel works. The gravel works will rob this area of safe footpaths and public fields and replacing them with alleyways unlit and unsecured when the footpath. And our Grade Two listed church St Peters will be 100 meters away from the gravel works. This church has no foundations as was the norm of the time built, a 150-year-old building made from Westminster bridge, has already suffered from the water table changes and shifting in the earth is braced on the outside and inside will collapse with 100m hydro extraction which will cause more shift of the foundations.

Enough is enough. Please sign and share this petition far and wide!

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Reasons for signing

  • Council says "this is in the best interest of the public"! We are 'the public'. St. Peters is only institution in our area that strives for some sort of 'community' feel to the place and stands for all. Its a beautiful church locals visit regularly n attend various events held here. A much loved n cherished place. Adjoining fields are used by locals for regular walks. Its horrifying what the Council has sanctioned n what the Co intends to do around Aldborough Hatch! Council must see sense
  • I lived in this area from the age of 9 years, I was married in St Peters and my first husband and his father are buried there. St Peters needs to be protected for future generations. Quality of life should come before profit - continuance of the removal of gravel will greatlyimpact on the health and daily life of the residents of Aldborough Hatch - it has to stop!!
  • It looks like business before quality of life for local people.


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500 signatures reached

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One Away From 250 Signatures, as things move forward we have spoken with local mosques, local scouts, and Nurseries, And posted Flyers and will continue to gather Paper Signatures as well as the Digital ones we receive from your continued support in sharing the message!

Thank and keep up the great work people!!!

2017-06-30 22:03:19 +0100

After an amazing first day of getting 100 signatures in the first 7 hours i have post Ron Jeffries speech to the Council read at the 29th Junes planning meeting

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