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Stop selling Doff Slug pellets.

Why is this important?

ALDI are now selling slug pellets that have metaldehyde in them. (Doff Slug killer) This is poison which can kill animals and birds. If hedgehogs (which are in decline) or birds ingest the slugs they will be poisoned. Aldi is a mainstream supermarket which means this product is now widely available in many of their stores. Please complain to Aldi and ask for it to be removed (and to any other store you find it) E-mail: [email protected]. Phone: 0800 042 0800 ."Metaldehyde can be deadly to humans and animals, and it pollutes groundwater.
Metaldehyde has been banned by DEFRA from Spring 2020. 'The decision to prohibit the use of metaldehyde, except in permanent greenhouses, follows advice from the UK Expert Committee on Pesticides (ECP) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that metaldehyde poses an unacceptable risk to birds and mammals.' All very well to ban it next year, what about the thousands of birds and hedgehogs it will kill before then!


Reasons for signing

  • Hedgehogs could be extinct by 2025. Please stop selling these horrible products!!!!!!
  • Poisons are damaging the planet and our wildlife.
  • Fewer poisoned hedgehogs means less need for slug pellets. Let the natural predators slugs do their work.


2019-06-10 12:35:21 +0100

Thanks so much to everyone who has signed this petition. I am now going to send to Aldi. I have ended it now as the law states this poison cannot be sold after end June so need to get this into Aldi head office asap. They continue to sell it until banned date, they know the reasons people want it banned but have put profit before ethics. They should remove it now! If anyone sees this product being sold anywhere, please speak to the Manager and head office of the store in question and please also keep a look oout for it anywhere after end June 2019. if it is on sale then it is unlawful. Thanks

2019-06-07 19:21:05 +0100

Aldi have emailed me and told me they will not be selling the product after the end of June, which is the date DEFRA have said they cannot be sold after (although it can be used until 2020). Despite Aldi telling us they have respect for the environment, they continue to sell the product for now. They should be removing it from sale NOW!

2019-06-07 07:25:23 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2019-06-06 16:21:27 +0100

500 signatures reached

2019-06-06 08:17:22 +0100

100 signatures reached

2019-06-05 20:05:44 +0100 Apparently it is illegal to sell these after end June 2019. The manager of a local store was citing Spring 2020. This is when it cannot be USED after but should not be SOLD after end June 2019. Aldi Managers all need to be aware of this. If you see any in their stores, or anywhere else, after end of this month, it is illegal to be selling this so please inform them and DEFRA.

2019-06-04 09:34:11 +0100

50 signatures reached

2019-06-03 19:01:02 +0100

25 signatures reached

2019-06-03 15:31:08 +0100

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