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To: The Labour leader candidates

All Labour Leader Candidates to Back Jeremy Corbyn's Iraq War Apology

All Labour Leader Candidates to Back Jeremy Corbyn's Iraq War Apology

We welcome Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge that if elected leader he will apologise on behalf of the Labour Party for the war in Iraq. We call on the other Labour leader candidates to also pledge they will do likewise.

Why is this important?

I agree with Jeremy Corbyn that the Iraq war was a foreign policy mistake of horrendous proportions, for British democracy, for the Labour Party and especially for the people of Iraq. I believe that politicians should stand up and admit when they are wrong and if they Labour Party is to put this issue behind us once and for all.


Reasons for signing

  • Please also consider my similar petition or 38 Degrees and parliamentary petitions; Parliament make a full and unequivocal apology for UK's part in invading Iraq
  • It is essential for the long term integrity and credibility of the Labour Party that any prospective leaders find themselves able to publicly recognise that the principles of the party were corrupted, manipulated and abused in order to start and sustain this war.
  • I agree with Rhian M. A pointless savage conflict which not only killed, maimed thousands including our own troops.but destabilised the Middle East , leaving behind chaos and a breeding ground for the rise of extremists such as ISIS. I could go on .............


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