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To: European Union Commission & United Kingdom Government

Allow free movement of domestic animals between Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Allow free movement of domestic animals from Great Britain to Northern Ireland

Why is this important?

One of the adverse impacts of the new Brexit regulations on travel between GB & Northern Ireland for dogs, cats & ferrets and the pet owners is that they must have an animal health certificate travelling from GB to Northern Ireland.
As a result of the Brexit legislation It will mean pet owners, guide dog & assistance dog owners who wish to travel with their pets, will incur unnecessary expense and potential to unnecessarily over-medicate their pets
This will have a significant adverse effect on:
•            people who regularly travel back from GB to Northern Ireland with pets to visit family in NI or returning from family visits in GB to Northern Ireland;
•            As a result of these changes Guide Dogs for the Blind are even stopping using volunteer puppy raisers & potentially compromising replacement guide dogs being available to guide dog owners in Northern Ireland;
•            a lot of pet owners enjoy holidaying with their pets & won't be willing to travel here with the new regulations.
•            Northern Ireland championship dog shows which is an enjoyable pastime will become unviable.
•            The viability of field trial events will be questionable.
The EU Commission and UK Government can easily resolve this by allowing free movement of domestic animals between their jurisdictions.



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