To: Lord Coe & LOCOG

Allow the Real Relay to finish inside the Olympic Stadium

Allow the Real Relay to finish inside the Olympic Stadium

Dear Lord Coe,

Please allow a representative from the Real Relay to finish the final leg of our record breaking journey with a lap of the athletics track inside the Olympic Stadium on Sunday 22 July.

Why is this important?

The Real Relay has been fuelled by Olympic spirit and involved more than 2000 grassroots runners from across the British Isles in a non-stop 24hr-a-day relay, running EVERY step of the way around the Olympic Torch relay route.

By the time we reach the gates of the Olympic Park on 22nd July the Real Relay will have travelled 7377 miles, on foot, in 55 days, running between every community visited on the official Olympic Torch relay. We have raised over £10,000 for CHICKS - a charity that provides much needed respite breaks for children from disadvantated backgrounds.

The Real Relay was a spontaneous response to the official Olympic Torch relay and has united and inspired runners across the British Isles as we look forward to the London Olympics. We strongly believe that the only rightful finishing line for the Real Relay on Sunday 22 July is inside the Olympic Stadium.

Please add your name to this petition and remind LOCOG of their commitment to the People's Olympics.