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To: All prospective Scottish MP's in May's General Election

An end to Austerity

This campaign has ended.

An end to Austerity

We, the undersigned, note and condemn the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement of 2014, particularly the projected cuts of circa £28billion. These cuts, according to government sources, will eliminate the budget deficit by 2019-20. These cuts in our view will be far bigger than those already inflicted and will further have a detrimental effect on all our Public Services, in most cases by up to 20% of current expenditure.

This, in the view of the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) will take Government spending back to the level of the 1930’s and will postpone and delay any economic recovery.

We therefore seek support from all Parliamentary Candidates in the forthcoming General Election to commit themselves to oppose all Austerity Cuts. At the same time we ask our elected representatives in the Scottish Parliament to use existing Tax-Raising powers and/or budget underspends to prevent these further cuts to the Scottish Budget and to those of our Local Authorities.

Why is this important?

The Austerity ideology has clearly failed for the working class and the poor, who are carrying the burden of the cuts.

In fact Austerity is doing exactly what it was designed to do. That is to decimate the Welfare state, to cut and privatise all our public services, reduce wages and working conditions.

But austerity is working. It is working for the billionaires, who have increased their wealth and financial control since 2008.

Austerity is there to privatise the profits and nationalise the debt.

To this end we will be asking every Parliamentary Candidate, in the forthcoming General Election, to commit themselves to oppose all Austerity Cuts.


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Reasons for signing

  • The top half of the wealth is held by ~ the top 1/2 million households, i am in favour of austerity above that level & not for the 98% below (4 income, it should be on households above 2.5x median household income, & not below), don't cut any spending on the poorest 85% (genuine efficiency savings are done), cut government spending on the richest ->free ride on increasing unearned wealth & income on Land values, welfare spent on big corporations & on increasingly rich landlords
  • While we have to ensure spencing discipline for the first year, until we raise revenue (until 2016), the spending cuts proposed bythe Tories will be devastating to local economis like the Scottish Borders.
  • Every Government since 1945 has ignored The International Bill of Human Rights and this has led to policies like this being adopted. And yet the UN has been telling its Member States where they're going wrong. So please support this campaign now too


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