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To: The Department of Health and Social Care

We Request an Urgent Review of Prescribing Risperidone Drug to Vulnerable Children in the U.K.

We the undersigned along with many child mental health care workers and teachers request an URGENT REVIEW of the prescribing practice and consequent severe side effects of risperidone to the currently targetted child and adolescent population in the U.K.

Why is this important?

There has been a very recent exceptional landmark verdict of a U.S. Court awarding punitive damages against the manufacturer of $8 Billion. The jury resoundingly decided to instruct the manufacturer that they had not adequately outlined the risks of the serious side effects that the drug had been shown to produce from their own research studies. The particular adverse reaction they highlighted was gynaecomastia which is the production of breasts in young males which can eventually produce milk due to excessive production of the hormone prolactin. This is a life changing condition which ultimately requires a traumatic surgical intervention.

How it will be delivered

To the Secretary of State for Health via a link member of that team.



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