To: George Eustice MP, Alison Johnstone MSP and The Lord Gardiner of Kimble

Animal Welfare Campaign

Animal Welfare Campaign

To urge our government to:
Promote/Encourage alternatives to Animal Cruelty such as: Vega/Vege Fast Food; Ban on Pet Shops; Allocating land for Animal Privileges; Organic Farming; Ban on Farming Cruelty; Ban on unnecessary Animal Exports and transportation.
 To encourage the health of Vegan eaters and of the welfare of the animals in care and in farms through subsidies and publicity/research.
To help develop Animal Welfare awareness such as in the economy and educational community through Welfare standards and debate.
 To encourage focus on research into subjects such as History of Animal Cruelty, Global Animal Rights movements and Sustainable Developments
 To encourage/develop Alternative Agricultural Systems to help make up for the loss of Supply as the public adjust to Organic Farming methods.

Why is this important?

To Promote/Encourage:

- Organic meals in educational and healthcare institutes
- Animal Rights and Protection
- Freedom for Animals
- Animal Care in the Community
- Funding for Animal Care, Organic Farming and Animal Vetting
- Public Resources/Facilities for Animals
- Laws against Animal neglect
- Welfare & Protection for abandoned animals
- Research into Demand/Supply of Organic Foods.
- Ban on GM farming and Cruel Farming Methods
- Decrease in Animal transportation
- Protection of wild and rare species
- Ban on Fur Trade, Whale and Fox hunting
- Training and Productive Resources for Animals
- Positive debate on Animal Welfare and Development Issues
- Progression back to their natural environments
- Ban on Commercial exploitation of Animals
- Un-caged Animals