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To: Sir Tim Barrow, UK Permanent Representative to the EU

Associate Citizenship of the EU for those who voted to remain

This campaign has ended.

Associate Citizenship of the EU for those who voted to remain

We would like the UK Representative to the EU to negotiate with the European Union to offer Associate Citizenship of the EU for former citizens of the EU, dragged out by a referendum which does not reflect the decision or values of the 48.1% who voted to remain. Associate Citizenship status would be open to those who agree with the principles, values and ideals of the EU, and would allow those forced to leave by the referendum in Britain to maintain their European, as well as British, identity.

Why is this important?

In the British referendum on membership of the European Union on 23rd June, 48.1% of people voted to remain. The proportion of those wishing to remain amongst the young was huge (73% for the 18-24 age group). People in Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain.

As a result almost half of the population will have their European Union citizenship removed, and their ability to identify with a project forged to promote international cooperation, peace, stability and respect for human rights.

In order that those people not be disenfranchised by the results of the referendum we would like the European Union to consider a form of associate citizenship, open to former member of the EU who want to maintain their links to this ideal of a world coming together rather than sitting alone.

Anyone willing to sign up to the ideals and principles of the EU, from a former EU country, would be able to apply for Associate Citizenship of the EU, and would be eligible for an Associate Citizen passport of the EU.

Of course, we could not expect the full advantages of being a member of the EU. Such status would not confer freedom of movement, access to state benefits and rights, beyond those afforded to all British citizens.

Nonetheless, Associate Citizenship would give us an important political voice within the UK, expressing the depth of demand for solidarity with the EU. It would give the young an opportunity to maintain their links with the EU, and in due course push for a new consideration of Britain's relationship with the union. Above all, it would be a political statement rejecting the isolationist fantasy that Britain is better outside of the EU, and show the rest of Europe and the world that there are many in Britain who are heartbroken by the result of the referendum.


Reasons for signing

  • This should of been a consideration of any of the proposals to leave the eu
  • Because I want my kids to have the freedom that we have had for so long, to live and work where they choose
  • My status as an EU citizen matters deeply to me. I am mortified that unless this petition succeeds, I may lose it altogether as the UK misguidedly leaves the EU.


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