To: Wigan Council and Andy Burnham GM Mayor

Atherton Town Centre Challenge (Andy Burnham Town Centre Initiative)

Atherton Town Centre Challenge (Andy Burnham Town Centre Initiative)

This Petition is to the GM Mayors office and to Wigan Council to ensure that ATHERTON is the nominated town for the Town Centre Challenge Initiative launched from the GM Mayors Office - which is requesting nominations for Town Centre Regeneration which is inclusive of a new Venue/Civic Centre for Events

Why is this important?

Over recent Decades Atherton town centre has seen a steady decline which we believe may not have been market driven and possibly avoidable due to certain decisions/restrictions. These include but are not limited to semi pedestrianising market st, no dedicated short term shoppers parking facilities and allowing landlords to avoid essential aesthetic maintenance. These issues may have contributed to restricting footfall through the town and potentially impacted the closure of a diverse range /turnover of small retail businesses. The past decade the town has experienced many new build developments, these new developments work well with the existing community, they are mixed and generally affordable. The transport connectivity is reasonable and improving therefore making our town ideal for this initiative and able to attract further investment - however the local retail and leisure facilities have not been and are not currently representative of the towns demographic and the town is now undoubtedly in a position to flourish from this exciting initiative - therefore encouraging a wider range and opportunities for future private invesment, the residents are passionate that their town is the one selected for nomination. The town currently is not effectively providing the ample local retail and leisure facilities it should as also since losing Formby Hall it can no longer facilitate many local events.


Reasons for signing

  • i agree !!!.
  • We have been ignored by Wigan Council for far too long
  • Come and see for yourself we in Atherton are desperate!


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