To: Warwickshire County Council

Ban All Extreme Energy - Unconventional Gas Extraction in Warwickshire.

Ban All Extreme Energy - Unconventional Gas Extraction in Warwickshire.

In the forthcoming new Minerals Policy for Warwickshire County Council, We the people - Respectfully request that the council make specific and immediate provisions which DO NOT PERMIT any of the 'extreme energy' unconventional gas developments to occur in Warwickshire. Specifically - Underground Coal Gasification (UCG), Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking).

Why is this important?

The industrialisation of our countryside is unacceptable.
All of the 'unconventionals' represent a direct threat to the environment, through:
Irreversible pollution of the aquifer.
Toxic legacy for the future.
Subsidence and Seismic activity.
Methane gas escape (potent greenhouse gas).
Increased Carbon emissions.
Natural Habitat destruction.
Surface and subterranean explosions.
Uncontrolled underground coal fires.
Massive infrastructure development of the land.
Increase in heavy traffic.
Increase in noise, light and odour pollution.
Pollution of waterways.
Risk of toxic spills on the land.
Extreme Energy will not create local jobs, neither will it reduce our energy bills.
It will devalue our homes and scar the countryside.
Despite industry claims, none of the techniques are 'established' or 'safe'.
All well casings DO fail eventually and accidents DO happen.
Increased use of fossil fuels should not be pursued as an energy strategy for the future.
We wish to preserve our way of life, our beautiful countryside and we wish our legacy to our children and grandchildren to be a clean, unspoilt future not an industrialised toxic wasteland.
We must protect and preserve our natural water resource.
We must take the precautionary approach and not allow these new experimental industries to gamble with our lives and environment.
We must regulate to ban ALL unconventional gas, coal and oil exploration and exploitation in Warwickshire.
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How it will be delivered

We will deliver them in person and hold a press conference.

Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Reasons for signing

  • Making a few fat cats even fatter is not a reason to destroy our beautiful country.
  • To help prevent UCG in Warwickshire and preserve what little unspoilt countryside remains in the W Midlands
  • the long term consequences of these processes are unknown


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