To: Richard Rose. Chairman Blue Inc/The Group.

Ban offensive Blue Inc t-shirts from their stores.

Ban offensive Blue Inc t-shirts from their stores.

Dear Richard Rose..
You sell a range of t-shirts with women depicted as sexual objects.

am very upset by the t-shirts you display at the front of the shop. They have pictures of womens breasts and buttocks on the front. These t-shirts are not only naff but offensive objectification of women as sexual objects.

I would like these t-shirts removed from store.

Why is this important?

I would like my daughter to grow up believing we are all equal beings and are not put on this planet as sexual objects to be leered at by men.

Young men need to be encouraged to see women in positive positions and these t-shirts do nothing to encourage this.

Reasons for signing

  • Because the internet exists to sell that what some (most women?) find offensive in a brick & mortar store. Many companies decidedly need to have women executives in their boardroom & being listened to.
  • Walked past Blue Inc today and was disgusted by their display of sexist T Shirts. Would they get away by objectifying and mocking black people in this way? I think not. We need new law.
  • Because im sick of seeing women viewed/used as decoration for the lil egos of men!


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Since starting this campaign I have emailed Blue Inc several times and tried to speak to someone regarding this matter. I have had a generic email from the customer service team and that is all. I think this has only lowered my opinions further on the company. I have taken the trouble to start this campaign as I am very offended and upset by these t-shirts yet no one from Blue Inc can be bothered to get back to me. I think this only adds further insult and proves what weak and pathetic company this is.

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