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BBC - Allow Non Religious People on Radio 4 Thought For The Day

BBC - Allow Non Religious People on Radio 4 Thought For The Day

The BBC only allows religious people to broadcast the daily thought for the day on the R4 Today broadcast. Despite many requests over many years to include those who are not religious the BBC denies them this access.

Why is this important?

The BBC is supposed to be fair and impartial for all. It is by virtue of its charter supposed to offer balanced broadcasts that educate, entertain and inform. It is not supposed to assert or allow ideas to be asserted without evidence or without such ideas being discussed. With the possible exception of Party Political Broadcasts.

The program slot is not called Religious Thought For The Day, it is called Thought For The Day. This is a discriminatory practice and now that we have more non-religious people in the UK than religious, is totally undemocratic. The BBC is a tax payer funded organisation not a private one and should not be able to practice such active discrimination.

There are many non religious speakers and philosophers who could offer a non-religious TFtD. No other spokesperson is allowed to come on to the flagship Radio 4 Today program and say anything they want without the narrative being challenged or questioned except TFtD.


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