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Save Sam & Rich

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Save Sam & Rich

The BBC in the West Country is planning on replacing Sam Bonham and Richard Pitt as hosts on BBC Introducing from July 11th.

We request that the BBC reverses this decision.

Why is this important?

Dear BBC,

For 10 years Sam Bonham and Rich Pitt have presented BBC Introducing, first in Bristol then across the West Country.

During that time they have been instrumental in championing new music in the area. They have helped launch the careers of big bands and artists such as Idles and George Ezra. And they have supported thousands of smaller acts too.

As well as simply promoting new music, Sam and Rich have helped develop new talent navigating the music industry with advice and support. Their understanding of music, musicians, venues, promoters (and all the other things that make the West Country's music scene tick) is second to none.

Right now, with the music scene in disarray, what we really need from BBC Introducing is promotion and support from a team that knows us. Sam and Rich are the only people who can do this.

For 10 years Sam and Rich have gone above and beyond what they needed to do for so many people working in music across the south west, including me (a promoter in Wiltshire and Bristol). They’ve interviewed me on stage at 2000 Trees Festival, they’ve done live outside broadcasts (in the rain) from some of my gigs, and they’ve invited me in to the studio as a guest to celebrate my anniversary as a promoter.

To lose Sam and Rich now would be an unquantifiable loss to the music scenes around Bristol, Wiltshire and beyond - and one that would take years to rectify.

We request that the BBC reverses its decision to replace Sam and Rich.

Yours sincerely..
We the undersigned.

Bristol, UK

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