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To: Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes CCGs

Bedfordshire Save Our Hospitals

Bedfordshire Save Our Hospitals

Save A&E at Bedford and Milton Keynes Hospitals and secure the long-term future of NHS services in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes

Why is this important?

Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Groups are conducting a Healthcare Review and the 'options' for the future of services are currently under consultation. We are alarmed that of the remaining options, none of them allow for an Accident and Emergency service to be retained at both Bedford and Milton Keynes Hospitals. One option could even see a scenario where Bedford Hospital has no beds.

The A&E department at Bedford Hospital serves a population of 271,000 and the consequences of closing the service are a matter of life and death as has been seen in tragic circumstances at Chase Farm Hospital in London two weeks after the loss of their service.

It is simply unacceptable to suggest that we cannot afford to provide healthcare for the population of Bedfordshire and the CCGs should stand up and fight for our NHS and secure the long term future of services


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Reasons for signing

  • Because lives will be lost unless the public stand firm against these cuts in services. There is money available to fund all necessary facilities but it is being misspent and also withheld. This Government is intent upon dismantling the NHS, at all costs and introducing private profit making companies to provide second rate care. I have signed because I wish to do all I can to stop the demolition of our precious National health Service.
  • With Milton Keynes one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, it makes no sense to remove vital healthcare services from the area, or to put added pressure on them through downgrading the A&E at Bedford. The impact on other hospital departments cannot be underestimated and previous examples of such cuts indicate that this could lead to an eventual complete closure of the A&E - a move which will put the health and lives of citizens at risk. This cannot be allowed to happen.
  • Bedford Hospital is vital to all who live nearby and need treatment or care, MK is too far away.


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