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To: The Big Six energy company bosses and David Cameron

Big Six: Pay us back

Big Six: Pay us back

As thousands of people die from cold homes this winter, we are outraged to see that yet again that the Big Six energy company profits are rising, as their costs have fallen.

We are demanding that the Big Six pay back the money they owe us from overcharging us in 2014 and January 2015.

The Big Six energy companies are NPower, British Gas, E.ON, Scottish Power, EDF and SSE.

Why is this important?

Public opinion polls have long shown that most people want publicly owned energy and that renewable energy is the most popular form of energy- but the Big Six energy companies and the political parties aren't listening to us yet. That’s why Fuel Poverty Action have set up our Energy Bill of Rights, currently going through Parliament as an Early Day Motion 395.

The Energy Bill of Rights asserts our rights- from the right to affordable energy to meet our basic needs to the right not to have fracking in our communities against our will. It's essential to take back this power from energy companies and give the rights and power to ourselves- communities and individuals- who desperately need and want an affordable, sustainable and publicly owned energy system.

Fuel Poverty Action is a campaign for affordable, sustainable, democratically controlled energy- we also practically support people in debt to their energy supplier and people struggling with their bills through trainings, resources and advice.

-Which? has found we overpaid our bills by £145 in 2014- we demand that money back

-Which? says that due to the huge fall in wholesale fossil fuel prices a fair reduction in gas prices would have been between 8.8% and 10.3% for gas and 10% for electricity- the Big Six have only offered us between 1.3%-5.1% reductions so far.

-The Big Six energy companies are set to make a record profit of £114 per household this year.

-As many as 40,000 people in the UK will die from the cold this winter, many because they can’t afford to heat their homes; 4 million homes are in debt to their energy supplier; millions of people will be forced to 'self- disconnect' this winter when they can no longer afford to top-up their prepayment meter

Reasons for signing

  • Fed up with big 6 ripping us off when oil prices are down they sit their prices sky high and keep vast profits. As soon as oil goes uo 1P they bump their prices up straight away and government does nothing because they are getting VAT on our bills ... shame on them all
  • because big companies who take our money are reluctant to give it back and I believe they should give it back
  • Because I am fed up of being ripped off in this country and putting up with perverted "justice" from our corrupt government.


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