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To: Philip Hammond - Secretary of State for Defence

Bomber Command Clasp

Bomber Command Clasp

Call for the Bomber Command Clasp to be extended to aircrew who risked their lives on raids in the Mediterranean, North-Africa, Middle East and Far East.

At present aircrew who undertook perilous bombing raids over Italy, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East have been informed by the MOD they are not eligible for the new award, which only applies to those who flew with Bomber Command over Western Europe.

The Bomber Command Association along with David Davies (MP for Monmouth) backs the veterans, calling for the Ministry of Defence to reconsider the qualifying rules for the decoration.

Hundreds of aircrew members from No. 624 and No. 148 Squadrons and other non-UK based Squadrons, lost their lives providing support under perilous conditions. These brave men were trained by Bomber Command and yet have been excluded from being awarded the Bomber Command Clasp which they so richly deserve.

Aircrew that have applied have been informed by Bomber Command that they are not eligible because they didn't fly from Britain, yet another example of "Red Tape" gone mad and I feel a mark of extreme disrespect.

Why is this important?

This change is important because it impacts the lives of those few remaining souls who bravely fought for our freedom. Many thousands of their comrades died paying the ultimate sacrifice so that people like you and me could enjoy a life in relative peace, have the ability to receive justice and live as we wish.

Reasons for signing

  • Europe is Europe north south east or west. The dudes in suits at the MOD need to wise up as they've never heard a shot fired in anger.
  • My father Taff Jenkins flew with 70 Squadron in Italy - as tail gunner on liberators - luckily he survived.
  • As an ex serviceman, I find it absolutely appalling that these brave men never got the recognition they so rightly deserved. Stop penny pinching award the bar!!


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List of the associated Bomber (SOE) Squadrons; 138, 148, 158 1586, 161, 296, 298, 624 and 644.

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The eligibility criteria can be found via the Governments website.

Applicants for the Clasp may also want to view the report by Sir John Holmes.

2014-03-27 09:57:47 +0000

More information on the Bomber Command Clasp and why the MOD are refusing applicants can be found via the Telegraph article "Second World War veterans denied Bomber Command Clasp"

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