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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson: don’t let kids go hungry by ditching the free school meals expansion!

The Government must implement the recommendation to expand free school meals to almost a million more children on Universal Credit, and raise the income threshold for eligibility to £20,000.

Why is this important?

I feel strongly that the entitlement of free school meals needs to be expanded.

At the moment children are not eligible if their family income is over £7400 per year. As the cost of living is rising rapidly and wages are failing to keep up with this, surely the Government should take this into account when considering the changes it says it is going to implement? This is why raising the threshold of eligibility to a more realistic amount is vital. Meanwhile, expanding free school meals entitlement to include all children in families on Universal Credit will mean 1 million more children will be fed.

With food prices - alongside other everyday essentials - soaring, parents will struggle to keep food on the table for their children. This recommendation is a simple, surely uncontroversial, one that will help ensure no kids go hungry due to this cost of living crisis. Boris Johnson must reconsider and u-turn on this decision.

We need to stand up for the children, some of the most vulnerable members of our society.



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