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To: Sajid Javid MP - Minister for culture

Bound-by-law. Against sexually repressive legislation.

Bound-by-law. Against sexually repressive legislation.

Reverse the recent ban on a variety of sexual acts being depicted in UK content.
They breach the freedoms and civil rights of consenting adults who participate in the sexual acts as listed below, and have duly signed their legal agreement to such participation of their own free will.

Why is this important?

Recently the government and the BBFC banned a list of sexual acts, which mainly appear to take aim at female pleasure, from appearing in UK pornography. The government are arbitrarily deciding what is nice sex and what is not nice sex.

There are greater acts of violence in mainstream movies, as indeed there are also acts of a sexual nature, and some of which are extreme. Are the government also intent on banning the multi-billion dollar Hollywood movie industry from showing such films to a British audience?

I certainly don't recall being consulted about this back-door sexual repression policy by my MP! Yet it affects me, as it does every other adult, here in the UK.

We must NOT be denied the right to choose for ourselves with regard to what do watch and what we do, and just because I happen to view a "female ejaculate", for instance, what does it matter?

They banned:
Aggressive whipping
Penetration by any object "associated with violence"
Physical or verbal abuse (regardless of if consensual)
Urolagnia (known as "water sports")
Female ejaculation

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What supporters are saying so far:

"Signed & tweeted. Strangulation - kinda fair enough. Female ejaculation - sexist and a total insult to all females. I am infuriated".

"This sort of censorship cannot be tolerated, and the underhanded way it has been sneaked through as an amendment to an existing act is downright disgusting!
Signed and delivered... now MP's Stand up for your electorate and not just your party whip ... or is that now banned??".

"Signed - It is disgusting how anyone with a sex life within the UK these days get persecuted for it".


Reasons for signing

  • End the surveillance state When cam operators have been caught spying into peoples homes. When crime is increasing in line with the increasing surveillance When children have no choice but to play in parks where hidden adults constantly film them. When no one has ever been asked their consent for this surveillance state which affects everyone, everyday. Surveillance of the population is the sure mark of an anti-free, totalitarian country and a great crime in itself.
  • Censorship is an infringement of basic human rights.
  • Because I engage in some of the acts listed on a consensual and ejoyable basis, and I don't see the difference between what I am legally allowed to do in my own home and watching someone else do it. It's rank hypocrisy and sets a dangerous, moralising precedent. I don't want Sajid Javid and Theresa May policing my adult and consensual sex life. I don't police theirs.


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