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To: Bournemouth Local Council

Bournemouth Council Ban the plastic straw and single use plastic cups

09/07/18 We Won!!

Due to your support, I can confirm that the council has made the following changes:

- Remove plastic straws from Council catering kiosks.
- Council-owned catering outlets will use only plastic-free, compostable or biodegradable cups and stirrers.
- Phase out plastic cutlery in Council run catering kiosks.
- Introduce reusable cups in the Prom Café & Prom Diner outlets
- Replacing plastic ice cream spoons with wooden ones in Council catering kiosks.

In addition, the council are participating in the ‘Refill Bottle Scheme’ allowing visitors to refill their own bottle at Council run premises. In addition, the council will encourage catering contractors to do the same.

Bournemouth Council Ban the plastic straw and single use plastic cups

Bournemouth Council need to stop Bournemouth beach front cafes, kiosks and restaurants providing plastic straws and single use plastic cups to customers. Many of these items invariably end up on the beach and enter the sea.

Why is this important?

Plastic pollution is unnecessary, unsightly and deadly. Plastic pollution is causing plastics entering marine ecosystems; leading to their ingestion by wildlife which can often be deadly, and the breakdown of plastics (into micro plastics) can manifest in the food chain impacting the safety of our seafood.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to Bournemouth Borough Council.


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Reasons for signing

  • For our wildlife !.
  • The beach provides us with a place to relax and play. It is also home to wildlife. But if the council reads this: Who is going to pay over a tenner parking in the summer to visit a dump?
  • Because I have seen first hand during Beach Cleans how widespread a problem these items are. They are often blown off a plate/table by a gust of wind but also deliberately dropped by people too lazy to find a bin, that plastic item NEVER degrades and never becomes harmless to the environment, we make wildlife and sea life sick with the plastic and eventually ourselves by eating that plastic in our food chain


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Today the Bournemouth Echo picked up the petition, which is a positive development. The piece also included a response from the council's Commercial Contracts Manager, Noel Oliver. Whilst I recommend Bournemouth Council working with suppliers to find biodegradable alternatives to plastic, the Council should demand alternatives; alternatives that's are readily available. Please share the link for this petition and we could help to initiate some positive change (as was done in Norwich: With thanks. Sam Almond

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