To: Minister for Sport (currently Hugh Robinson).

Boycott the Russian Olympics

Dear Minister,

The Russian government has recently enacted laws against homosexuality that go against accepted standards of human rights to a degree that is not just sad but violently extreme.

You are in the proud position of belonging to a government that has promoted equality for gays and lesbians, and I urge you to recognise that the new Russian laws are incompatible with that stance, and that the only proper response can be a full boycott.

Why is this important?

New laws in Russia basically criminalise any and all homosexual activity - not just homosexual acts, which would be bad enough, but any reference to homosexuality that does not condemn it. Such references will now be regarded as pornography. Homosexuals will be banned from adoption services and are subject to summary imprisonment. Russian born children can no longer be adopted by any country that recognises homosexual rights.

United Kingdom

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2013-07-26 01:36:28 +0100

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