To: Philip Dunne MP

Breast Reduction

To review the criteria for breast reduction on the NHS

Why is this important?

1 in 5 women experience breast growth during the menopause. The NHS guidelines focus on BMI which doesn't factor in the breast growth and the added weight of larger breasts incur. I am one of these women and am fighting my local CCG at the moment. But I am not the only woman suffering with this. I can't afford the expense of constantly buying larger bras due to the increase bust size.

A lot of doctors fail to recognise this statistic and are very condescening about this issue. I mentioned to one doctor I had seen an article in a paper about this, and the idea was pooh poohed. THIS IS REAL. We DO suffer. I have ridges in my shoulders, back and shoulder pain, upper arm pain and all I get told is to lose weight. How can I lose weight when the GP won't do anything about the cause of my weight gain?! It is depressing and does make you feel depressed because you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall.

So if you are suffering like myself, please help me to be heard. Stand and up and be counted and lets get the rules on Breast Reduction changed!!