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To: Brighton & Hove City Council

Brighton & Hove Taxi/Private Hire Trade - COVID-19 Council Financial Support Grant

Brighton & Hove Taxi/Private Hire Trade - COVID-19 Council Financial Support Grant

To provide grants to the local taxi trade as other Licensing Authorities have done.

Why is this important?

The Brighton & Hove taxi/private hire trade has suffered considerably during the COVID-19 pandemic and is calling for the council to act now and provide similar financial help to the trade that other licensing areas have provided as shown (to date) with the list still growing:

"Bury cabbies are next to receive a support package to help with overhead costs. Bury North Labour announced: "Extra support for Bury's taxi drivers. "Bury's Labour cabinet has approved a new package of support to include Bury's taxi drivers, meaning you're now eligible to apply for up to £677 per month in grant support."

Barnsley £500 Barrow in Furness £210 Basildon £1,500 Bournemouth

Christchurch & Poole £2,500 Braintree £,1334 Bristol £1,000

Bunley £500 Carlisle £1,634 Chester / Cheshire West £500

Chelmsford £400 Dacorum £750 Derby £250 Doncaster £500

Erewash £1000 Halton £100 Hull £1000 Knowsley £100 Liverpool £210

Mid-Sussex - £400 Luton £500 Mansfield £500 North Lincolnshire £653

Northumberland £500 if not claimed SEISS or £200 if you have (2nd grant)

Northhampton £500/£1000 Nottingham £400 Pendale £750 Plymouth £953

Rochdale £500 Rotherham £500 Rushcliffe £500 Sefton £100

Sheffield £500 South Tyneside £250 St Helens £100 Stevenage £500

Stockton on Tees £200 Warrington £210 West Somerset £350 Wirral £100

Wyre Forest £250 York £500

PLUS subject to meeting criteria:
ALL drivers in Wales - £4,000 (£2,000 x two grants)
ALL drivers in Northern Ireland - £1,500
ALL drivers in Scotland - £1,500

In 2020 when the council were given funding from the government to assist local businesses the local cab trade sought financial help to install vehicle partition screens at an average cost of £300 per installation.

The trade were told by the council that money provided by government did not cover any provision for such a grant and wrote to the government seeking permission to use funding that was left over to provide financial assistance for the screens. We were told that there was no response.

Over the last few months a considerable amount of Licensing Authorities have provided various amounts of funding to their respective local cab drivers/proprietors without any issues as shown and Brighton & Hove taxi/private hire trade is seeking support to petition council to do the same here.

In signing this petition you will be supporting the 1200+ individual locally licensed Brighton & Hove licensed taxi/private hire drivers/proprietors.

Thank you

Andrew Peters
On behalf of the Brighton & Hove Taxi Trade Forum

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • We are in a struggle there’s no work at all and we need help thank you
  • It's a good and fair campaign.
  • Drivers are dying and have mental breakdowns


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