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To: The British government to bring home Abiodun

Return Abiodun Juba Home To His Family

Return Abiodun Juba Home To His Family

This petition is to return a young naturalised British man by the name of Abiodun Juba back to his home in the UK. Abiodun was unfairly deported in the middle of the night, with no chance of fighting or preparing his appeal within the UK amongst family & friends. Abiodun was removed with absolutely no experience, preparation or knowledge of Nigeria, where he was dumped. Coming to the UK in 1989 aged 1 yrs old, Abiodun had never been back to Nigeria or outside the UK until his deportation.

It's clear Abiodun should have never been sent to Nigeria after living all his life in the UK, he is now alone with no family or friends finding anyway to survive and keep his mental health from deteriorating, he was sentenced to 18months in 2014 for a crime he strongly refuses to have commit and believes he could have succesfully overturned his conviction if he was in the Uk, he suffered a further 6months in prison being held for deportation rather than serving the 9months of his sentence he was supposed to, he has never had a bad or consistent criminal history and never been to prison before this occasion and he was immediately deported with no second thought or comprimise, his daughter, family and friends all live in the Uk. The home office doesn't care to clarify these details when enforcing their out of country appeal scheme on families. Abiodun is yet another young man stripped of his right to be British. His mothers blood sweat and tears and years of waiting to get Abiodun and his sisters Naturalisation/Indefinite Leave to remain has immediately been stripped with no second look or comprimise. But really this is a young man that is English, he should actually have been given British citizenship as a child decades ago and if his mother was aware she could have easily obtained it for him herself and his sister. But the home office would rather have people live in fear and risk of future deportation than make people aware of their rights or comprimise with a person that has spent decades within the country.

Abioduns 10 year old daughter,sister and mother have been made to endure 4 and a half years of suffering repeated consistent adjournments and loses and appeals in his immigration case with no sign of a final ending to this cycle despite ABIODUN spending almost a year and a half in prison prior to this. So please try to find it in your heart to help this family reunite and end this agonising game of limbo the home office are forcing this family to endure.

Why is this important?

Your signature will hopefully bring Abiodun home and reflect how institutional wreckless and inhumane the idea of an out of country appeal really is. Give this young man a chance to be active in the most important decision to shape the outcome of his life and pivotal moments in his families. Abioduns case represents the miscarriage of justice faced by so many supposed to be British families unaware of their rights and how to go about fighting to obtain them, they are instead left in a life of risk unaware they are treading on thin ice with no insurance and made to feel unwelcome as soon as make any mistake in a country they are unaware they have legally naturalised intergrated and become citizens in. Bring Abiodun home.

How it will be delivered

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Reasons for signing

  • To return abiodun to his family where he clearly belongs
  • Human rights
  • To bring back to his family 🙌🏽


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