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Bring DEMOCRACY back to UK politics! - Prime Ministers Questions

Bring DEMOCRACY back to UK politics! - Prime Ministers Questions

Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons has become frustrating and farcical.

WE want steps to be taken to make this hour much more democratic and functional. This can be achieved by the steps outlined below.


Why is this important?

Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesdays has become frustrating and farcical.

This should be a time when the people of this country are given answers to very important questions concerning their every day lives. Yet, all too often, it deteriorates into a jeering mess of avoidance and laughter. THIS IS UNFAIR to the people of this country and threatens our democracy! Not to mention what it looks like to people all over the world who must be appalled.

For the sake of maintaining 'tradition' we have verbosity and ritual which is destroying the chance the people of this country have to make their voices heard and have their important questions answered. The noise, chatter, jeering and blatant use of mobile phones is distracting. John Bercow intervenes only occasionally then seems to get bored. His lengthy interventions would be more in place in the music hall show 'The Good Olde Days' than in a modern parliament. His interventions are verbose and waste valuable time.

On many occasions, unfair advantage has been given to the ruling party, in their chance to ask a question. Their questions are, without exception, rhetorical and usually just a chance to showcase something that the conservatives are proud of, therefore not serving any other purpose than as a kind of 'party political broadcast'.

More and more of the public are watching this hour to gain an insight into what exactly our politicians are doing for us. We are VERY disappointed.

WE ask that these issues be taken into consideration when re-structuring this important hour in the political week:

* The speaker intervene more quickly when noise is an issue AND more briefly. He says the MPs will be heard BUT fails to accept there is only one people are not able to make their points when time runs out.

* Mobile phone switched off

* Opposition parties ONLY to ask questions. This would stop the showcasing by conservatives & they can ask questions in their own time.

* MPs get one warning for excessive noise then asked to leave the chamber.

* The speaker to encourage ACTUAL answers from the Prime Minister at all times. The public is sick of lies & avoidance!



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