To: William Hague

Bring Muadh Home

UPDATE - 09/06/14 I'm really pleased to confirm that my son Muadh and his mother just managed to cross from Syria into Jordan. I would like to thank you for the fantastic support which I believe pushed the British authorities to act. Without you all, I don't think it would have been possible.

Bring Muadh Home

Foreign Secretary Hague,

I call on you to do everything in your power to bring six-year-old Muadh Zain back home where he can receive medical attention and be reunited with his father.

Why is this important?

My six-year-old son Muadh Zain is in a war zone and can’t get home to Birmingham.

He’s stuck in Syria with his British passport, only minutes away from safety. If the UK foreign minister speaks out in support, the Jordanian government will open the border to Muadh to come home. The UK government has a huge amount of influence over the Jordanian authorities due to the deep ties between the two countries. So far, William Hague has stayed silent, but if enough of us pressure him, we could get him to act.

Muadh was with his favourite uncle when a barrel bomb exploded close to them. He survived, but witnessed the death of his uncle. In another attack, Muadh again survived but witnessed a relative sustain a severe head injury.

After suffering through a period of intense bombing, my son has now developed a permanent convergent squint to his right eye, an eye condition that requires immediate medical attention. I have shown a photo of him to his GP in Birmingham, who has advised me that Muadh must undergo an immediate operation.

My son has seen more horror in his six years than most adults see in a lifetime. Muadh has become traumatised as a result of the first-hand violence he has witnessed. He has stopped speaking, and is suffering physically and emotionally on a day-to-day basis.

With your help, I want to bring Muadh home and end this suffering for good. Please call on William Hague to do everything in his power to bring my son home.

-- Wael Zain

Reasons for signing

  • Aw bring im home
  • I have a little boy myself & i can not imagine any harm his way. This boy has a british passport so please help him, he doesnt deserve this
  • He is British so has a right to return here, to safety, with his mother.


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