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To: Home office

Bring Shahnaz and Zahra home

Bring Shahnaz and Zahra home

I want the home office to give my sister-in-law a visa for her 4 year old adopted daughter who she as adopted in Pakistan 4 years ago but now want’s to return home to the uk with her adopted daughter my sister-in-law is a British citizen and as not committed any crime unless saving a little girls life is a crime we have been battling with the home Office for 3 years now and all we get is a NO because she wasn’t approved by Sheffield adoption agency but she didn’t intend on moving back to uk so didn’t even need to at the time people’s life change and she’s getting punished for a crime she didn’t commit she as contacted all the local authorities who either say they can’t help or say leave the child there and come home which is impossible, she won’t be a burden on society as she never as been and is financially stable all she want is to be allowed to come back home and be a family

Why is this important?

It’s important as she’s my sister-in-law and as every right to be allowed back to uk where she was born and bread

How it will be delivered

With the next visa application to home office


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