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Protect our children's future and bring Tidal Energy Lagoons to the UK, NOW

Protect our children's future and bring Tidal Energy Lagoons to the UK, NOW

We want the UK Government to take decisive and clear action to make the UK a leading light in the fight against climate change, by immediately giving the green light to the Tidal Lagoon project in Swansea.

Why is this important?

The Tidal Lagoon projects really need our help, the first one is taking a long time to go through parliament. With every day they are not happening, there is a chance they won't happen.

This is a generation defining project for the UK and needs support from all over the UK. It's success stands to ultimately benefit us all.

The first lagoon will pave the way for Tidal Lagoons all over the UK, which will generate huge amounts of environmentally clean energy, powering our homes and businesses, for hundreds of years to come. It will provide energy security for us and our children in a volatile world, and make a huge dent in the overall carbon footprint that the UK produces.

It will also create hundreds if not thousands of jobs and put the UK into the global spotlight as a leading light in renewable energy. It will strengthen our economy and bring money into the country through selling our expertise abroad.

A recent government-commissioned report enthusiastically backed the technology as a reliable source of indigenous, affordable and clean energy. Basically saying - get on with it.

But we still need your support to strike a clean blow right at the heart of the carbon problem by encouraging the UK government now push ahead with this incredibly important project, right now, no delays.

By signing - you'll be able to rightfully look your kids and grandchildren in the eye and say you backed the Tidal Lagoons when they were first built.

Reasons for signing

  • Clean Renewable energy is the only way.
  • The sun and wind are too unpredictable. The sea, as so often with this country, is the answer.
  • This should be the future


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