To: Nigel Farage

Call for Farage to now resign as an MEP

This campaign has ended.

Resign as an MEP

Why is this important?

Nigel - you won the the referendum on the basis of a disingenuous campaign, and now are leaving someone else to pick up the pieces of the mess you have created, but unbelievably you intend to remain an MEP.

As an MEP you receive €7957 a month. You are paid in Euros, which given the collapse of the pound (which you have helped to orchestrate with the Brexit vote), means you are one of the few people to have seen a salary rise post-Brexit.

Despite your disdain for the European Parliament you are planning to keep your MEP role for the next 2 years. Your salary is worth £6665.19 a month compared to the £6246 earned by MPs.

Your voting record is appalling and you been absent, or refused to vote, on the majority of debates at the European Parliament,

During the EU referendum campaign you pretended to care about British fishermen.

This is your fishing voting record.

Over the three years that you have been member of the European Parliament Fisheries Committee, you have attended one out of 42 meetings. Greenpeace research released in April 2015 shows that during the three major votes to fix the flaws of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), you were in the building but failed to vote in favour of improving the legislation.

In 2013, you were again present but chose not to vote on the part of the reform of the CFP that introduces an obligation on governments to give more fishing quota to sustainable fishermen who contribute the most to the local, coastal economies. This would see the government giving more fishing quota to local, low impact fishing fleets, such as the fishermen featured in UKIP’s poster.

Therefore it seems the decent thing would be for you to resign your position. Instead, you are proving to be the very essence of everything you claim to hate about Europe – a lazy, worthless bureaucrat, sponging money out of the institution you claim to despise.

Credit to KERRY-ANNE MENDOZA from The Canary for some content and inspiration.

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  • Farage is a fraud. He has orchestrated a divided Britain that will take generations to heal, all the while failing to support British interests in the EU but being paid for it.
  • He should resign now as mep Nigel farage and dont trust him to
  • Farage is a cynic. He does not really live in Uk. The women he has been with are all EU nationals. His personal crusade will cost this country dear in the end,as happens with so many Nationalist agendas. I dislike this man quite a lot! He is a waste of space!


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