To: Theresa May

Call on Theresa May to resign in shame over the underfunding of the NHS

Call on Theresa May to resign in shame over the underfunding of the NHS


Why is this important?

Today 68 Senior Front Line Doctors have written to the Prime Minister saying that people are dying in corridors in A&E without care ,privacy or dignity. They consider funding for the NHS and Social Care woefully inadequate. Meanwhile the Prime Minister seems to remain in denial,waffling on about extra GP appointments and some more funding sometime in the future. Any other CEO in this situation would be asked to resign.
Since this petition was started the situation with the NHS has worsened even further. Now we have another IT disaster and women not called for breast cancer screening, plus the 'Winter Emergency ' set to continue all year. There is also a shortage of doctors and nursing staff, including in specialised fields such as genetic counselling. It's a national scandal and with this and Windrush Theresa May should consider her position.

How it will be delivered

To be decided.

Reasons for signing

  • People are suffering while the Government sell off & privatise the NHS for no other reason than provide the already wealthy with even more wealth.
  • Theresa may and her government uk the tories need to go we need General election Get Labour Party in government to funding the nhs in all over the uk and wales
  • It's a disgrace the way our NHS has been so abused. This trickle up economy has got to stop. We need another General Election - and soon! Too many people are suffering and dying under May's circus of a government!!!


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