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To: CAMHS (child and adolecent mental health service)

CAMHS forth valley parents voices

A full review and audit of a local service that is failing so many children within the area!

Why is this important?

My son was failed by Forth valley CAMHS service and so many other parents have came forward to share their horrific failures too.
I have parents who have waited upto 7 years to have a referral accepted or any assessments done on their children , children being misdiagnosed and parents pressurised into medicating their children before any assessments or a proper diagnosis!
these professionals within this service point the finger at parenting issues or attatchment issues rather than taking the time to assess these children and properly diagnose and support given...lack of communication with parents is also at the front of this fight, allot of parents have to chase up appointments referrals meetings paperwork ect and no over all care plan to help children and parents in the area!

We parents need answers and a full audit and review of this service and professionals within it!

I made a group on Facebook called forth valley parents voices to air my conserns and to date 99 other parents have came forward in the area to share their experience with the abysmal service they are currently receiving for their children.

How it will be delivered

Share it as far and as wide on social media as possible . We are also planning protests outside the scottish parliament buildings.


2018-03-06 18:38:13 +0000

We were filming today with bbc Scotland for a documentry highlighting the huge failings within camhs... please give it a watch...

BBC one 16th April at 7.30pm.

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