To: Sunderland Council Highways Department

Cancel the proposal to make Burdon Road bus only

This campaign has ended.

Cancel the proposal to make Burdon Road bus only

Hidden in the depths of the Sunderland Core Strategy and Development Plan is a proposal to make Burdon road between Doxford Park Way and Tunstall Village green bus only. The plan should be scrapped

Why is this important?

The proposal has negligible benefit and causes major inconvenience for Silksworth Residents going to Doxford and Doxford residents going to silksworth and the city centre. It will have a negative effect on businesses in Silksworth, Doxford and the city centre and will add to the commute time to Doxford International and Nissan

Sunderland, Doxford, Silksworth

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Reasons for signing

  • Stuipid idea
  • Totally ludicrous. This is a main route through from Herrington to Doxford to Silksworth and Ryhope with no clear alternative able to cope with the displaced traffic. Why ??
  • This would simply make nearby roads more dangerous by diverting traffic having to make a detour. This is a ludicrous idea.


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