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To: Weymouth and Portland Council

Car parking in Weymouth and Portland

This campaign has ended.

Car parking in Weymouth and Portland

Please do not charge for parking in small car parks serving community recreation facilities in Weymouth and Portland.

Why is this important?

It is now well understood that many of us are not taking enough exercise. A variety of organisations including national government, local government, the Health Service etc.. are all trying to get us to take more exercise and one really good, low cost way of achieving this is to visit local recreational facilities such as parks and the many exercise classes run in small community halls. Two such examples in Weymouth are the small car parks serving the park and community facilities in Southill and the park on Radipole Park Drive. Charging for parking in these car parks would deter people from using the facilities to exercise and this does not make sense on any level!

Weymouth and Portland District

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Reasons for signing

  • I do believe car parks that serve recreational facilities should be free
  • All parking charges should be lower or free. Save the money by getting rid of the attendants/wardens and their managers
  • The cost of Parking in Weymouth is killing the town .


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