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To: Diane Abbott MP and Norman Lamb, Minister of State for Care and Support

CCTV in all care/ nursing homes in the UK

CCTV in all care/ nursing homes in the UK

Please install CCTV in all care/ nursing homes in the uk

Why is this important?

In September 2013 my 91 year old grandmother Bridget Rees became a resident at The Mary Seacole home in Nuttall street N1, as she was too sick to be cared for at home any longer. Shortly after being there my nan started to complain of abuse and bruises were visable on her body. My family became increasingly worried and confronted staff about it to be told it was due her dementia, old age and medication. As a close family that has always seen Mrs Rees as the head of it we could not let this go. We installed a hidden camera in my Nan's room. What we found was happening to our Mum/ Nan was sickening and evil! She was being abused physically and verbally by a staff nurse! The case went to crown court on the 9.7.14 and the accused was found guilty! This is only because we had the proff on camera. Without this CCTV evidence we wouldn't of been able to even press charges. We need to be safeguarding our vulnerable, elderly people in care/ nursing homes. CCTV is the only way! If CCTV is good enough to keep our streets safe, our buses safer, our shops from being robbed and our cars from speeding then it should be used to keep vulnerable and elderly safe! Please help us.


Reasons for signing

  • I have a vulnerable relative in a home, where incidents of neglect and abuse I have reported with audio/video recordings have been concealed by the provider (Priory Group) and LA's (Herefordshire & Worcestershire Councils). CCTV may help prevent such happening to others.
  • That is my nan
  • This place needs cctv to stop other residents getting abused


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