To: Martin Dalby - Centreparcs CEO

Centreparcs predjudice pet policy

Centreparcs predjudice pet policy

Change your predjudice policy relating to family pets. Currently all dogs are welcome and special accommodation is provided for families who want to bring thier dogs. However currently all other pets are not welcome.

Why is this important?

Many families love their pets and want to bring them to Centreparcs with them. We were recently denied a request to bring out 16 year old cat with diabetes. She is very old and does nothing but sleep in her basket all day. We have to inject her with insulin twice a day and many catteries do not provide this service and especially at this time a year it is very hard to find room for her. Even if we did find room she is probably going to be frightened and lonely and at that age we try to avoid exposing her to unnecessary stress. With friends and family on holiday it is equally hard to find someone to go round at specific times twice a day. The cat is very well house trained and has never in her life caused damage to any furniture. For a company who prides themselves on providing a welcoming family environment during the festive period and who promotes bringing dogs, especially featuring happy families with their dogs in adverts etc. It feels very uncharitable to deny any request to bring other pets. Dogs are equally if not more capable of causing damage in comparison to other popular pets such as cats and fish. So why is Centreparcs not willing to allow a docile old ailing house-trained electronically tagged indoor cat to stay in a room designed to be friendly to pets and home to young energetic excited dogs all year?

Merry Christmas?



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